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When Making Business Decisions: Don’t Push A Bad Position

There are times when we are trying to sell someone our products or services – or perhaps just even an idea, negotiate a contract or a way of doing something, or to buy or remodel a house or building… and things are just not going well. Just not going as you hoped for or planned for. Often emotions take over and common sense goes out the window. But because you want this to happen, whatever that may be, you keep pushing and pushing and pushing until you get it accomplished.  Then you find out that pushing forward to make this happen was one of the worst business decisions you ever made. Does this sound familiar?

If you feel uncomfortable about something. Pay attention.

If you feel it is not right. Pay attention.

It’s always possible to close the deal or make whatever you want happen… happen.

But once it does happen, you own it. Then what?

There may have been a reason why you felt uncomfortable and obstacles were put in your way. If you are not paying attention to the warning signs, you could put yourself in a situation you don’t want to be in.

Never, ever, push a bad position. Listen to yourself and be aware of the negative signs that you see in any situation.

Let me give clarity to this:

If you are about to walk down a dark alley and something inside of you tells you to not walk down that dark alley, I suggest that you don’t test it out and see if your feelings are right. Just don’t walk down the dark alley. If you do, you may very well be right and put yourself in danger.

The same holds true for business.

Remember: When making business decisions, don’t push a bad position.



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