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It’s Time To Self-Evaluate Your Business

Here we are at the halfway point of the year. It is an understatement to say it has been quite a year so far. An incredible, unprecedented several months in business. Every business impacted by multiple events. Because of the changes and shifts taking place, it is time for CEOs, presidents, business owners and entrepreneurs to self-evaluate themselves and the company they lead.

This year has seen the best of times and what is potentially the worst of times. Many CEOs, presidents and business owners are taking one of two approaches.

  • Some businesspeople are thinking this is the worst of times and are pulling inward. They can’t think clearly due to the situation swirling around them. Can’t strategize. Can’t plan ahead because they are overwhelmed by worry and confusion. The concern may be understandable, but it has them frozen in place. Feel like they can’t move forward on anything. Don’t know what the right steps are to take in a time like this.
  • There are other businesspeople thinking that the conditions are what they are. Can’t change the facts. But can rethink the business. Being nimble, innovative and adaptable is key in the current marketplace.
  • Remember these three steps during turbulent business times: The primary goal is to have the company survive. Next is to break even and stabilize the business. Finally, maintain or restore profitability to the company.

It is time for you to self-evaluate the company you are leading.


Why It’s Important To Self-Evaluate

Self-evaluate Your BusinessJust as every six months or every year employees are evaluated at each level of company. Questions asked for this evaluation may include:

  • What is the employee successful at?
  • What does the employee need to improve to increase their understanding of the position?
  • What must the employee absolutely do better within the framework of the job?
  • What is the plan of action for an employee to enjoy their work and improve their skills?

But how often do you self-evaluate yourself?

Do you ever ask yourself questions regarding your yearly performance as a CEO, president or business owner?

Such as:

  • What are you successful at?
  • What are you not successful at?
  • Where is there room for improvement?
  • What is the plan of action for yourself?


When we finally come out of these unprecedented events that are contributing to the future of your company (and yes, this all will eventually pass)…

Will you be ready to lead your business forward?


Realistically, it will take a period of time to get back to whatever will be considered “normal” at your company and in your industry.  Till that time occurs…

  • What are you doing to strengthen your business?
  • How are you taking this unknown period of time to self-evaluate yourself?
  • How are you taking this time to self-evaluate your business?


Consider self-evaluation of your:

  • Marketing plan
  • Sales plan
  • Overall strategic plan
  • Customers
  • Employees
  • Suppliers and/or vendors
  • Leadership.


It is almost like you are starting your business from scratch; from nothing. Yet you have a base or a background of reference to begin with. You have an office or a place of business already set up and operating.

It is time to seriously think about your business.


Self-Evaluate Your Strategic Direction

The CEOs, presidents and business owners who are thinking about their business and its strategic direction will understand how to lead the company through these uncharted waters.

When you self-evaluate yourself and your company, you will have a sense of how to navigate through what is happening around you. Do not do this from a place of fear. Rather deal with the present and look to the future. Stay as positive as possible and acknowledge what you need to do.

  • What skills are needed now?
  • What skills will be needed in the coming months?
  • What strategies will take you through the year and beyond?
  • How are YOU going to make the most out of the business situation you are dealing with?
  • What is your plan to rethink what you need to do moving forward?


Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself:

  • How are you going to be successful no matter what the business conditions are?


Acknowledge to yourself that, no matter what happens, you want to run your business as best as you possibly can; always legally, honestly and ethically.


Clear your mind for a moment and ask:


  • What is most important to do TODAY? Write it down. Make a list.
  • What needs to be done tomorrow? Write it down. Make a list. Delegate, if necessary.
  • What do I and my company team need to do two days from now or this week?
  • How can I flip the script from challenging times to getting back on track and then continuing along on the pathway to success?


Know that YOU CAN do this!

Say to yourself: I WILL do this!

You must continue because your business is a very big part of your life! With the company being such an important factor in your life you want it to be fully operating and financially successful for you and those who work for you. When this series of events finally end, you can look back for just a moment and say to yourself: I beat perhaps the most difficult business situation of my life. I lived through it all. Not only did I live through it, but the business came out of it stronger. I was able to support the employees of the company and take care of myself plus any family needs. I maintained jobs in the community.

Remember: The time to self-evaluate is NOW!

Ask yourself every day:

  • What do I need to do to keep my business on the road to success?

No excuses! Let’s get it done!

To your success!


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