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The Pathway To Build A Great Business

When talking about business, what tends to be on your mind? Success, profit and reducing stress – are often the big issues businesspeople tend to think about; and talk with me about over many years I have advised CEOs, presidents and business owners. But how do you get there? How do you get on the pathway to build a great business on a consistent basis?


Let’s talk about some points that may be helpful to you with your business. My goal is to get you to think (and that’s what I do when I talk with CEOs, presidents and business owners). The goal is always to get you to think. Thinking (getting it out of your head and discussed) can lead to positive action.


The more you think about business, and specifically your business, the more successful you will be. Also think about what’s going on in the economy, with your products or services, your customers, and employees. A lot to think about to be on the pathway to build a great business.

The Pathway To Build A Great Business Begins Now!


So let’s get started!


Team of colleagues working together to build a great business.What does it take to be successful in business? It takes a desire to be successful. You must be driven to be successful. You can’t just show up in the morning and walk through the day. You have to be thinking every moment; observing and setting the standard of excellence.


If you are not doing those basic things. Guess what? The competition is.


As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to have the right business knowledge. You need to understand exactly how your business operates. In addition, what may need to change and how to deal effectively with people.


You can never have enough business knowledge and understanding. I was just in a bookstore recently. I often find myself amazed and overwhelmed with all the knowledge and insight those books can provide. Same happens if I step into the local library or go online to search for information.


Whatever it is you are seeking, you can access the knowledge you need or wish to find out more about to build a great business.


To build a great business means you need to respect your employees. You cannot look at your employees as just mere numbers, so to speak. I know as a CEO, president or business owner, you have a lot of your mind. But what is on the minds of your employees? If you need to know or understand what they are think then reach out to them; involve them with the business. Learn how to relate to each person that works in your company. Make employees feel part of something.


As you know, there are many different styles of management. I have found over the years of advising CEOs, presidents and business owners, that many need to be more clearly defined with the management style that works best for the company as well as for the individual. You need to choose a management style that you are comfortable with yet works well with the business you are in. One that will attract and build a team of people.


Your employees have a great deal of experience and knowledge. Why aren’t you finding out what they know and can further contribute to your company? They may be able to help you build your company.


The Reason To Build A Great Business


What do all your efforts mean?

Bottom line: It means more profits. It means more pay raises and bonuses for employees. It means more security for the company and for everyone who works there. Get your employees more involved in the day-to-day process of the business. Be a people person.


The other question is: Do you really know what your company does?


Which leads to: Do you really understand every department in your company. Or even, everything that you do to build a great business? Spend time in the different areas of the company – sales, marketing, the front office or reception area, work side by side on a project with your employees and even sweep the floor for more than a day. Rotate where you spend your time throughout the business year.


Focus on what your company does. Know exactly what it does. Know what the people do that are working with you to better understand what they experience or go through in a day.


When it comes to people, remember: You are in the people business. What product or service you sell just happens to be what you do. Without people, your business is nothing.


Most businesspeople spend no significant time educating themselves in how to effectively interview potential employees or how to understand who the right employee is. Often there isn’t a job description! So the very first thing is to have a detailed job description for every position at your company. Including one for yourself!


With a competitive job market, many companies may have the tendency to hire someone just to hire someone. That can be a potential disaster for everyone involved. Plus it will be costly to the business. The key is to obviously hire right. And more importantly, train right. After the initial training, continual training is essential; not just for the new employee but for all employees. That’s how you build a great business.


  • Understand what your employees need.
  • Understand what your customers need.
  • Understand what your vendors need.

Build relationships with your bank, your insurance company, your legal advisement and anyone else that provides a specialized service for you to continually build a great business.

  • And most importantly … Always understand what YOU need.


Always have an attitude that no matter what comes your way you will find a winning way with the business. Don’t run from any obstacles. Instead, head right into it. Think about options. If one option doesn’t work, you have another option ready to move on.


Remember: Never move forward till all your questions are answered and you feel comfortable with the actions to be taken for winning business results.


The pathway to build a great business is all up to you.


In summary, what does it take?


-The more involved you are with your business

– The more determined you are to be successful

-The more knowledge you have

-The more you treat your employees well

-The more you understand exactly how every function of your business works


… the more profitable with less stress your company will be.


Only you can make this happen.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article: This is just the beginning.


Think about what’s in this article when you have a quiet few moments: Actually, I recommend spending time just to think on a daily basis. It’s good for you as well as your business.

Ask yourself:  What do I need to do to be successful because I deserve success, and because I deserve success as a CEO, president or business owner?  Then make a personal commitment to yourself: I promise to thoroughly think it through and to make it happen.


Success starts with one thought; with one action. It’s where the pathway to build a great business begins every day.


To your success!


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