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“Being in business is not a job. It’s a way of life. It’s a way of thinking.”

– Howard Lewinter –

Howard LewinterI am a business strategist who solves business problems.

Business success doesn’t happen because of a good or a bad economy. It takes place because of you.

For 30+ years, CEOs, presidents and business owners have turned to me to get MORE out of their business to:

  • Solve business problems and issues
  • To get answers to unresolved business questions
  • To get the direction necessary to get the business back on track
  • To increase sales
  • To grow the business
  • To determine what step to take next
  • To get what you truly want (and deserve) from your business

Others have turned to me for:

  • Guidance
  • Focus
  • Strategy
  • Objective perspective
  • Intuitive insight
  • Vast business knowledge

I’ve had the pleasure of:

  • Mentoring future millionaires
  • Turnaround struggling companies to survive, stabilize and become profitable again
  • Advise multi-millionaires on day-to-day and once-in-a-lifetime business decisions.

I can help you to:

  • Define your business problems, challenges and issues
  • Determine what it is you truly want from your business
  • Be the visionary, strategist, and leader you are destined to be your company
  • Discover solutions that are practical, make sense, and most important, you’re comfortable with. Solutions you can live with to find the business success you’re looking for.

The initial business conversations I have with CEOs, presidents and business owners are often about what appears to be a complicated business problem or issue. I don’t talk with business people in layers of abstract jargon. Nor do I present you with binders full of charts and graphs that ultimately collect dust in the corner of your office. Instead, together, we break down the business problem into the most basic of possible elements so it’s understood by you and everyone involved. Most importantly, it’s completely solvable as well as doable. Often you can start to implement ideas we discuss immediately. You’ll feel better about the issues you are dealing with and how you run your business.

Nothing I do is boiler-plate consulting. Everything I do is uniquely engaging and highly interactive on an individual basis. We talk about any and every aspect of your business. Nothing is off limits.

As a business expert – business strategist – business advisor to CEOs, presidents and business owners I have consulted with entrepreneurs to well-established privately held corporations; startups to companies that have been in the family for generations. Companies with annual revenues of a half million dollars to one hundred million dollars. My client list reflects a wide cross section of business in America from coast-to-coast.

I’ve worked with companies in (but not limited to): Software, public relations, construction, advertising and digital media, plastics, manufacturing, chemicals, telecommunications and networking, packaging, high-end custom home builders, e-learning, financial investment, automation, printing, electrical contracting, IT, biotechnology, nuclear and even hard hat divers and world famous chefs (to name a few).

For me it’s not about the actual size of the company but rather it’s about the person who leads the company – the CEO, president or business owner.

My goal is to look out for the well-being of you and your company. Working together to make the tough decisions to get you to where you want to be; but also the exciting moments when success is yours.

I help CEOs, presidents and business owners define their own personal management style to solve business problems and issues, improve results and profits; and experience less stress while achieving MORE success.

It’s about will – drive – determination.

As a CEO, president or business owner, you know that business never stops. It just keeps rolling, day and night. Business is your life. It’s my life too. I’d rather talk about business more than anything else. I am always thinking about how to make your business better. It’s just what I do – helping you to get MORE out of your business. MORE success. MORE profit. Less stress.

I advise successful business people who want to be more successful.


Whatever your reason is and whatever conversation you want to have about solving your business problems and issues or improving and growing your business. Let’s talk! Go to the contact page on this website to send me a message or call me direct at: 888-738-1855.

I look forward to talking business with you.

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