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What’s Your Most Valuable Business Asset?

As a CEO, president, business owner or entrepreneur: What’s your most valuable business asset?

It’s an interesting question, don’t you think?

Almost every business person would probably answer this question in a different way.  Some may say it’s the product or service provided.  Some would say superior customer service or it’s their employees.  Others may think it’s their inventory or the special process used to produce their product.

How would you answer the question: What’s your most valuable business asset?

All of these points are important aspects of business success and there’s many that can be listed.  But here’s the answer:  The most important asset of your business is your brain.

  • It’s how you think about business.
  • It’s how you process information.
  • It’s how you are able to understand what’s happening in the marketplace and how you can meet the needs of your customers or clients.
  • It’s being able to take your brain power and tap into the brain power of the people that work with you to create a phenomenally successful business.

Think if it this way, it’s somewhat like computers that are networked together.  One computer has the power to operate and get the job done.  But if you network many computers together it exponentially increases the power to solve problems and to create new ideas.

Brain power is the answer.  Use your brain and encourage your employees to use their brain power.  You’ll find, if you take this approach, your business will be more successful with less stress and much easier to operate on a daily basis.


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