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Rethink Who You Are For MORE Business Success

When you look back at your life, what were you thinking about when you were 20 years old? The answer will vary from person to person but regardless of your age now, your thoughts have probably changed. Perhaps about many things in life, in business and with people. Your thoughts continue to change throughout the years, consciously and unconsciously. For example, your thoughts at 30 are different than when you were 20. When you are 40, your thoughts change again as you enter a new decade of your life. This cycle continues throughout your personal and your business life. Many factors and experiences are involved – too numerous to mention here in detail. Life and business are always changing. Evolving. That’s why it’s important to continually rethink who you are as a business person – as a CEO, president or business owner – for MORE business success.

  • Your thoughts are always changing.
  • Information is always changing.
  • Technology is always changing.

But the basic needs and wants of people essentially stay the same.


Rethink Who You Are For MORE Business SuccessThe key is to know what it is you want in life – and in business. You do that by being aware of your thinking. That’s why it critical to rethink who you are for MORE business success!

Wherever you are in life and with your business, you’ll always be thinking different things than you thought before. Even in as short a time as five minutes ago!

As you reflect back on different times in your life, you may think: I can’t believe that’s what I thought back then! I am so much more aware now, have so much more information now that I am thinking completely different than I was one year, two years, five years even 10, 20 or 30 years ago (depending on your current age)!

The same thing should happen in business – especially if you are a CEO, president or business owner. You need to rethink who you are as a business person. You need to rethink who you are as a business leader. 

Who you were when you started your business is not who you are today. You have so much more information, experience and understanding than when you first started your business. You have a different perception about sales, marketing, hiring employees, customer service, delivering on what your company promises customers, how to interact with people, etc.

Yet there are business people who…

  • never rethink management style
  • never rethink the business model or the products/services offered
  • never rethink how to be more successful
  • never rethink how to talk to people – employees, co-workers, customers, vendors.


For more business success, you need to always be rethinking what you are doing – and why.


Over the decades of operating your business you will encounter many people with very diverse experiences than perhaps your own. There will always be a new generation of people coming into the workforce. After World War II, there was what has come to be known as the Greatest Generation. Then came the Baby Boomers which yielded to Generation X and now the Millennials and the post-Millennials are impacting the current workforce. With each generation a successful CEO, president or business owner needs to have an understanding of how others think. This helps to create a productive and profitable company culture with the right mix of employees.

It is also another reason why you need to rethink who you are as a business leader to successfully adapt to change, technology and the thought process of others you work with or sell to. It’s important to open your mind to what others think but without knowing who you are and want you want in business, it is somewhat of a wasted effort. It will only lead to frustration and misunderstanding on your part. You need clarity with your thoughts. Keep in mind there will always be a constant cycle with employees and customers. Those heading towards retirement or working less; others in the midst of their career years who are eager for advancement and those just starting out who will need guidance and direction.


Your employees and co-workers depend on you. Your customers depend on you.

As I often say: Leaders lead. But to lead, one must be in a constant cycle of thought.


Rethink Who You Are For More SuccessAs a CEO, president or business owner, you need to rethink every aspect of your business. You need to rethink who you are. You cannot just do this on a yearly basis as you determine New Year resolutions and goals. It requires constant re-evaluation. Otherwise, as a business person, you will be left behind.


Ask yourself, for example:

  • What are I wanting to accomplish with the business?
  • How do I feel about the business TODAY as to when I started in the business world?
  • How has business changed?
  • How excited and passionate am I for being in business TODAY?
  • How has my understanding of the business changed?
  • What needs to be done TODAY? (It’s no longer about what I did yesterday or five years ago…)
  • How accepting am I to the changes in business with sales, marketing, hiring, social media and the internet, customer service, company operations, etc.


When you are thinking about your business, think in terms of TODAY. Look around and see what you need to do and what needs to change.

This does not mean you should change your values. Nor should you change who you are.


Instead, change how you relate to everything, including:

  • How you relate to business
  • How you relate to people – employees, co-workers, business associates, vendors, customers.


Look at your business plan. Update it. A business plan is something that is in constant motion and flux. That’s how you will reach your goals but only by reviewing your business plan often. Otherwise, it’s just words on a piece of paper or a computer screen.

Your business plan doesn’t need to be pages and pages. Always have a brief outline handy of your business plan. One or two pages in length that you can easily and quickly reference. It will help keep you on track; to accomplish what you want to accomplish in a particular time frame. You can write out and develop the details separately for additional reference. That’s what business planning will do for your business.



It’s the easiest time to get into business; It’s the hardest time to stay in business.


That’s why you need to be on top of your game when it comes to business. As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to play the game of business in a much better way than ever before because there is so much competition now.

Every business day think about your strategy. Schedule time on your daily calendar just to think about yourself and your business. Understand where you are going with your business by understanding better each day who you are and what your company represents to customers. When you rethink who you are you will be MORE successful.

Business success begins with how you think (and rethink who you are…)


To your success!



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