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Is Capital Or Talent More Important To Your Business Success?

As a CEO, president or business owner, you may have an appearance on the outside of confidence and everything under control with the success your business. Yet, on the inside, you know nothing in business is as easy as it appears – especially when it comes to your company’s success. For example: The schedule for the day can get totally rearranged with a moment’s notice. Business priorities change. Things can be confusing. Do we go this way or do we go that way? Do we choose this decision or is there a better decision? It’s kind of like the question people always ask: What comes first – the chicken or the egg? Sometimes business problems are just that way.

Business Success = Capital and Talent

Here is an important business question to consider:

What’s more important – capital or talent – to your business success?

This is a question CEOs, presidents and business owners often debate.

  • You need capital or money to fund the business.
  • You need talent or people to work in the business on the products and/or services offered.

Sometimes business leaders misunderstand and think capital is more important than talent.

But is it?

Let’s look at this further…

Business people will sometimes think to themselves: You know, I don’t have enough cash flow happening in the business.

  • Is it a capital problem?
  • Is it a problem because you are not selling enough at your company?
  • Is it you are not pricing right or making enough profit on what you do sell?


If you understand what your break even point is and you’re selling enough of your product or service, you need capital to fund your receivables, but at the same time have enough money coming in AND enough profit so the business is self-funded.

You need capital to grow your business. But if you’re going to grow your business you’re using the capital to make a profit.


So many times, CEOs, presidents and business owners have lines of business credit from the bank to borrow money. When borrowing the money many business people don’t realize they’re borrowing the money to fund the business when the problem is that don’t have the talent, the people, in-house to make the business work at optimal levels. If the company had the right sales talent, there wouldn’t be a business problem. There would just be a cash flow problem.

Remember: If you have the right sales talent and the right employees in place throughout the company, including marketing, production and accounting, plus the right pricing, there shouldn’t be a business problem. Then it’s just a matter of keeping the cash flowing into the business so the company doesn’t get caught in an unforeseeable financial bind of undetermined length. That’s why you never want to think you have enough business.

That’s why I always say: No matter how much business you have, never stop prospecting and creating new leads for potential new sales. Never allow yourself to think you have enough business.

Business can disappear quickly. Then what? You don’t want to let your talented personnel go to the competition. Nor do you want to experience financial cash flow problems with the business. Once it starts, it’s hard to stop and can spiral out-of-control to doom the company.

The talented people who work for you, need to be:

  • creative
  • have will – drive – determination (much like you do)
  • who want to get whatever the job is done and done right
  • who enjoy the work
  • are always seeking ways to do it better.

Your co-workers/employees are part of your business capital. Invest in them wisely. Continuously. Otherwise, it may actually cost you business. Rather than it be the other way around with employees bringing profits into the company. Which in turn, creates more potential capital.

You want to work with people who are:

  • focused
  • motivated
  • dedicated to the job
  • know what the job is
  • what the responsibilities are
  • how to get it done right
  • look forward to the next challenge.

Take a look around your company. Evaluate the people working for you.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I getting the most from each individual? Fully utilizing their abilities and talents?
  • Do I have everyone in the most appropriate positions best suited to the company’s needs and their skills?
  • Is there anyone who should not be working at this company? (Yes, this is a question you absolutely need to ask.)


Remember: When considering personnel issues, it comes down to the bottom line of making a profit as harsh as that may sound. It’s the team you put together that makes the difference in how the cash flows into and through the business. Business is about people. No matter what you sell, that just happens to be the product or service you represent. But your business is about people – employees and customers and vendors or other professionals who help you be successful with the business. Invest in those that work for you to ensure your company’s success. It’s critical to your success and business capital.

Take a few minutes to sit down and think about where you are with the business. Both from the perspective of business capital and talent. Specifically, with the talented group of people you have hired to work with you. Also, look at how the cash flows through and into your business.

How can each area be improved to work more seamlessly together for the success and profit of the company?

Think about why you are successful. Why the company is successful.

Duplicate where there is success.

Then think about where you are not experiencing success.

Change what needs changing to achieve the business success you deserve.

What’s the answer for your company’s success? Both capital AND talent. Make certain you have the best possible combination at your company.


To your success!


Business expert and strategist, Howard Lewinter, guides – focuses – advises CEOs, presidents and business owners throughout the United States across a wide variety of industries, to MORE success – MORE profit – less stress. Business people trust Howard’s vast business knowledge, intuitive insight and objective perspective to solve business problems and issues. Get MORE from your business. Talk business with Howard: 888-738-1855.


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