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For Business Success: Everything Isn’t A Business Crisis

What’s a typical business day like for you?

Do most days start out incredible with the goal of getting a lot done?

Or do most days start out with a lot of confusion and changing agendas?

Surprised business woman looking at her smartphoneThat’s what’s interesting about business. Business can be like the weather. It can change at any particular moment. One moment it can be a day filled with blue skies and sunshine. Other days fair to partly cloudy. Still others, overcast and gloomy. You can have the best business day ever. Yet the next moment, receive news that feels like you’re in the middle of a business crisis.


When it happens, for business success, ask yourself: Is this really a business crisis?

It may not be a business crisis so why escalate your reactions to such high anxiety and stressful levels?

Why create a business crisis that doesn’t exist?

Things happen every business day. You can count on it.


The key is to anticipate; to embrace what is happening around you and potentially causing chaos to your business day. Work through the business issues one by one; rather than thinking whatever it is has crisis potential, small or large.

Usually what we worry about, once resolved, wasn’t worth the worry. You make it through the situation just fine. So why waste your energy needlessly with unnecessary worry?

Yes, terrible things can happen in your business day when you least expect it. No matter how good you are at what you do, things can happen that simply can’t be anticipated. For example, you lose a respected and well liked co-worker. The company loses a key account or client. You’re working on a project that is nearing a deadline but finding that its progress isn’t going well and may not meet its agreed to schedule. You start feeling like you’re going into panic mode. You’re getting upset. Stressed out. Nervous.

What does that do?

It only makes everything happening around you worse.

If you take the time to stop and think, you can solve the perceived business crisis. Generally speaking, when something similar happens a day, a week or a month from now, you’ll probably say to yourself: I don’t understand what the problem was. Why was I so upset about this? I can take care of this. No problem!


When something happens that disturbs the flow of your business day:

  • Evaluate the problem or situation
  • Give the issue some thought
  • Determine a plan of action
  • Directly deal with it


Don’t put off dealing with whatever it is you need to deal with. Postponing the inevitable only makes matters worse for you and whoever else is involved. When you deal with it head on, the business crisis is no longer a crisis, is it? When something does happen always have additional resources or help at the ready. It gives you something to fall back on.

What are the biggest, most important resources you have?


The biggest resources you have are:

  • Your business experience
  • Your brain
  • Your ability to think


That’s what makes you a smart, successful business person. Giving you the ability to strategize and find answers to put into action. Rather than sitting there saying to yourself: Oh woe is me! I don’t know what I’m going to do! Which just doesn’t work if you want to be consistently successful and be able to overcome any business crisis, small or large.


If you are truly a successful business person, you are:

  • Always in ACTION!
  • Never let a crisis happen when possible
  • Ask questions
  • Think things through
  • Prepared for whatever happens
  • If not prepared for what happens asks: What’s the solution?


You’re also:

  • Always seeking new ideas
  • Always listening
  • Always open to new ways of doing business better.


That’s what makes your business day interesting and exciting.

It’s about playing the game of business with the attitude of: A crisis isn’t going to ruin my day or the company’s success.


Remember: Every isn’t a business crisis.

Know what you want to do and where you want to go. When something happens, stop and think. If you panic, if you get upset, you can’t think clearly and nothing really happens. Your brain, your greatest resource, is filled with confusion.

For business success and to avoid any type of business crisis you need a:

  • Clear mind
  • Clear thinking
  • Clear planning
  • Clear strategy


When you do, nothing is really a problem or a crisis. It will all take care of itself or you’ll take care of it with great success!


To your success!


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