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CEOs And Business Owners: How To Always Be Right In Business

Who doesn’t want to always be right in business for MORE success! Imagine the business results and lifestyle you would have!

One of the characteristics of a successful CEO, president, business owner or member of a company management team, is the need to always be right about the decisions made which directly affect the business. If you hold one of these titles, you need to make more correct decisions than you do wrong decisions. If you make more correct decisions than wrong decisions:

  • the company remains in business
  • maintains its position in the marketplace
  • has potential for growth
  • brings in a profit every year.



Always Be Right In BusinessBut there is a problem with the need to always be right in business. Especially in situations involving discussion, encountering opposing or varied viewpoints, when asked unexpected questions or arriving at a major decision. All with the objective of getting the company to where it’s expected or needs to be.

The question(s) to ask yourself are:

  • How important is it to always be right in business? Sometimes, to even win the argument or the current debate? Is it worth it? If so, why? What do you gain by always being right?
  • Or is it more of a matter of doing it right versus always being right?


As humans, let alone as a CEO, president, business owner or member of the management team, it is essentially impossible to always be right in business. Yet the need is great to be right from a personal as well as a professional business reputation point-of-view. If you’re not right enough of the time it can cost you everything in business.

The answer though isn’t to exert your will to the extreme, insist you are right (unless you absolutely know you are and it is worth the fight for what will be gained to the good of the company) or to constantly push an agenda that won’t lead to a positive outcome. Being in business is a balancing act. It isn’t one-sided. Business success requires multiple strategic avenues which ultimately converge onto one path.

If, in your leadership role, it’s more about you being right than doing what is right, things may not work out so well. Why? Because as a business person, you need to listen to the people around you regardless of the situations you encounter throughout the day. You need to understand what is being said and encourage conversation.

One of the most important business success tips is to remember:

Success is knowing what you do well. It’s also understanding and learning how to do well what you don’t do well.

That’s why it’s essential to surround yourself with motivated, skilled, talented co-workers that may even be smarter and more aware than you regarding specific business issues or topics. You don’t need to be afraid of those people rather bring them onto your team and work together toward the same business goals.

Yes, you may be boss.

Yes, you may be the final decision maker.

Yes, you are the person who is ultimately responsible.

But success will not be yours as much as you would like without an open-door policy when it comes to communication and a flow of ideas.

The CEOs, presidents, business owners and management teams who are:

  • really making money
  • really moving the company forward with innovation
  • have employees who look forward to work each day


… are in constant communication with all departments and levels of employees throughout the company.

People are not afraid to say something when it needs to be said.

Such as:

This isn’t going to work. Here’s why. Here’s another option to consider…

If you are surrounded by people who are afraid to talk to you…

If your ego is so big it thinks making a mistake is impossible…

If you are insecure in your company position and being right all the time is your control mechanism…

Then you cannot create a culture of leadership and motivation.


The goal is to create a working environment that is harmonious and collaborative, where everyone feels important and of value to reach the right answers for success.

Remember: Not only do you want to be listened to; the people around you at work also want to be listened to.

You don’t want to hire people that just show up to do a job. You want to have people around you in the workplace that are thinking, conscientious people who do more than just stand or sit for eight or more hours five days a week. You want people who are going to use their intelligence, knowledge and understanding along with insight to the business. To do that, productive conversation must be encouraged. Having a bunch of “yes” people or a group of complainers around you won’t lead to business success.

When it’s time to make a decision that must be right, unless the answer is obvious, gather your key people together.

Ask: What do you think?

Then listen to what others say about the subject. You don’t need to agree with them but it may provide perspective you hadn’t thought of. After all, you can’t think of everything! Once you’re comfortable with the information, make the final decision only you can make. Regardless of outcome, this is how to always be right in business. The more times you do it the right way in business, the less wrong times or mistakes you will experience – which is good for the company. If you find you must push your way, and your way only, to convince other people you are always right, then eventually you will lose. You and the company may lose in a big, unimaginable way. You certainly won’t be as successful as you want to be.

In this article, the focus has been on always being right at the company you lead and work at. How to be successful at always being right involves more than just you. It involves those you work with and one other factor, your customers. There’s a phrase I am certain you have heard: The customer is always right.

For the most part, that is true; though not always. Even if a customer is wrong, as a business leader your approach with the customer can make all the difference. Yes, you need to know company policy but it’s much more than that.

Ask yourself:

Is it worth it to win the argument; to always be right?

What are the consequences in the short term; as well as in the long term with this customer?


Remember: Every person you work with has something of value to say. You need to listen to what others should say. Understand what others are saying. Encourage others to think about how to make things better at the company. Not all ideas will work but continue to seek solutions that will work. You will make the right business decisions when you are comfortable with the information you have. That comes with input from others. That is how your business becomes extremely successful and profitable but with less stress.

The people in your company want to be involved and feel welcome within the organization. Make certain everyone knows how much value they bring to the business. Let them know their intelligence and opinion matters. That everyone knows and understands their role in making it a great company to work at and represent. When that happens, you will always be right – and every day will be better than the next at your company.

A quote from Mark Twain:

Do what is right; It will please some people and astonish the rest.

Words to live by for business success.


To your success!


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Article published as a guest post on the Nimble blog.

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