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2 Marketing Mistakes CEOs and Business Owners Make

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Recently, I went to the garden center at the local big box home improvement store to check out the plants and flowers. When I walked in I immediately noticed that the company had changed how the annual, or seasonal, plants were priced, packaged and displayed since my last visit.

Though the plant nursery is a destination point in the store, it is also a highly perishable product. With the current economy, the company looked at ways to make the department more visually appealing to the consumer to buy yet more cost effective for the company.

My guest on Talk Business With Howard radio this week, Kathy Steele, co-founder of Desert Rose Design, a digital marketing company with a focus on manufacturing companies as clients, talked about how companies need to change what needs changing with their marketing to be known today in the marketplace. Hold onto the traditional marketing that continues to work but look to integrate the new media or social media strategies that will broaden the base and bring in new customers.

Business Marketing Strategy

It’s about rethinking your business. And how you market your business. Making the necessary marketing changes in order to survive and prosper long term rather than just in the short term.

There is a real problem that businesses have today, I have observed. Over the last several years there have been many changes happening in the economy. Many business people really don’t know what to do. They’re conflicted about next steps to take.

Two marketing mistakes CEOs, presidents and business owners can make:

1) The big mistake is doing nothing.

2) An even bigger mistake is turning the business upside down with new ideas. Changing everything to the latest and greatest marketing trend or fad. Not thinking about what made them successful.

To avoid marketing mistakes, business people today need to combine their old school thinking with all of the changes that have taken place because of technology, the internet and social media. Don’t throw out what has worked for your company. Think about what’s worked and is still working. Get rid of what doesn’t work. Then integrate in the appropriate new media and opportunities to effectively market your business.


The replay of this week’s Talk Business With Howard radio show on Blog Talk Radio with Kathy Steele and I discussing digital marketing, can be found at the top of this blog post. The show is filled with useful, timely marketing information – not just for manufacturing companies – but any company wanting to be successful in today’s economy. Listen now!


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