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You’ve Got To Close The Business Deal Or You Don’t Get The Sale

Close the business deal.  Don’t let it slip away.

Many times a CEO, president or business owner or a member of the sales department will be at the critical stage of whether they close the deal or if they walk away empty handed without a signed contract.

In closing the sale, you can’t throw everything out there. You need to leave something for that one final push to get the customer to agree to do business.

A perfect example of this was the women’s final beach volleyball match for the gold medal at the Beijing Olympics. No question that Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh were the best in the world. But every time the Chinese team would get ahead, the Americans would bounce back, even the score and get a few extra points in an attempt to stay in the lead. The players didn’t panic. They were determined not to lose and they didn’t.  Final result: Two Olympic gold medals in beach volleyball. It had never been done before. It may never be done again. Only time will tell. The Olympic winners not only had the athletic ability but they also had the right mindset.

The right mindset is more important than most business people realize.

Have you ever heard anyone say: I’m going to Las Vegas this weekend to gamble and I am only taking a thousand dollars with me to lose. They have no idea about the game of winning.  No winning strategy. The odds of winning haven’t been studied or thought through. The likelihood is they will lose money.

It’s no different with closing the sale.

What are the odds?

Are you planning to win for both you, your company and the person you are doing business with? 

Or do you let them get away at the end because you didn’t study, in advance, how to bring this sale together and close the deal?  

Didn’t have anything left to convince them to do business with you? 

Yet you thought they would be the perfect customer?


Even if you give a great sales presentation, the real sale comes during the close. Closing starts from the time you say “hello” to the time you walk out with a signed agreement.

Don’t let the sale slip away because you weren’t skilled and prepared at the close.


Never stop prospecting for new business.

Always be ready to close the next sale.


To your success!


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