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Your Employees Are Your Business

Here is a business success tip: As a CEO, president or business owner, think for a moment about what your business really is about.

It isn’t the building you are in, your office furniture, whatever equipment you may have or your inventory.  Almost everything it takes to run a business can be purchased by anyone wanting to go into business.

Your business is your employees.

It’s your employees hard work, intelligence, working as a team and dedication that makes your business hum like a fine tuned engine. All the essential elements working together to get you where you want to go with the business.


Business is about people. Without people, you have no business.

Do everything you can to keep the team you’ve built together. So no matter what is happening in your industry, geographical region or in the economy, your company is intact and the business can prosper. Create a company culture in the workplace that makes employees want to work with you.

The perfect example is professional football before free agency.  If a team won the Super Bowl chances were they had the possibility of having a winning season the next year because the team would be kept together and the players couldn’t play for another team unless they were traded.  Today with free agency any team that has a winning season will find at the end of the season that they are losing several star players to free agency.  It’s free agency that makes it hard or almost impossible to win back to back Super Bowls for most teams.

  • Understand how your employees are your business.
  • Understand how important your employees are to the short term and long term success of the business.
  • Find ways to keep your team together so your business can have many profitable years.
  • The right team of productive, motivated employees will lessen your business stress as the leader of the company.


To your success!


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