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Your Company’s Summer Vacation Schedule

Can you believe how quickly the business year is flying by? It’s already April. Before you know it, Memorial Day weekend will be here in the United States and the official start of the summer vacation season.

Your employees are probably already ready planning their summer vacations and time off.

Have your employees submitted all their vacation requests for the entire year?

If not, set a deadline soon so:

  • you can plan accordingly from a management perspective
  • your employees can plan and enjoy their vacations
  • the business will continue to operate smoothly.

If your company doesn’t have an official vacation policy, you need to put one in place. Every company needs to have a specific vacation policy. It should include how many weeks employees are entitled to based on time of company service. In addition, official company or legal holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Set rules just in case two employees request the same time off and it’s a potential conflict due to the departments they work in and the responsibilities they hold. Consider any particular dates employees need to be aware of that cannot be requested due to especially busy times of the year for the company, special promotions, etc.

While your employees are requesting vacation time, don’t forget to set aside vacation days of your own. With all the pressures on CEOs, presidents and business owners these days, a long weekend or a summer vacation may be just what you need to:

  • recharge your energy
  • reduce your stress
  • provide fresh perspective about how to best successfully continue to run the business.

Start making plans for your vacation and holiday time TODAY! It will be here before you know it.


To your success!


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