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Your Business Communication Needs To Be Consistent

As a CEO, president or business owner, have you ever gotten conflicting, rather than consistent, information on the same subject or question with your business communication?

  • Does it happen in your business between your employees and/or departments?
  • Does it happen when your customers or clients call into your company with questions, seeking information or to order a product or service?

The bottom line is your business communication needs to be consistent because it directly affects the bottom line of your company with sales, branding and profits.

Let’s look briefly at consistent business communications within your company and with your customers or clients.

First, within your company:

  • Is there an employee manual outlining basic company policy such as dress code, vacation, annual performance reviews or personal computer usage including social media/messaging during work hours as well as other important employee issues directly related to the work environment?
  • Do you hold frequent employee meetings to update, train and motivate employees to ensure everyone is well informed with customer service and products/services?  Or do you have individuals frequently saying, “I didn’t know”?
  • Is there a standardized program to introduce new employees to the company?
  • Are you consistent with the communication methods utilized at your company such as email, texting, bulletin boards, meetings or company newsletter?


Now let’s look at creating consistent communication with your customers and clients.

  • Do your employees receive ongoing training on how to effectively communicate and interact with customers or clients?
  • Are employees trained to handle misinformation situations with customers/clients so they can properly manage any hurdles presented to them with professionalism and an openness to serve the customer/client?
  • Do you have a company policy of “the customer or client is always right”?  If you don’t, you should. Yes, there are those rare occasions when the customer truly isn’t right. Those customer situations need to be carefully handled on an individual basis.  Regardless, every company’s goal should be complete customer or client satisfaction.
  • How do you correct situations or information that need corrected in order to better streamline your consistency of communications within your company?  What steps do you follow?

Lack of consistency is apparent throughout our daily lives.  Yet what people want most is consistency – especially from the companies they do business with.  The successful companies, no matter how small or how large, are consistent with everything they do.

Now it’s time for you, as the CEO, president or business owner, to think about your company communications.

What you are going to do to improve business communications for better customer relations and business profits?


To your success!


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