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You Won’t Reach Your Business Goals With Anger

No one needs to tell you about what’s going on in the economy or in your business.  It can sometimes cause you great stress, knock you off balance and raise your level of anger.  During better economic times, things that happened on a daily basis in your business normally didn’t bother you.  But in today’s stressful, uncertain world with those same issues and events you may find it’s easy to lose control and get angry.  Or to be much more reactive and emotional than in previous situations that were similar.

When you do get angry you lose sight of the goals you have and what you need to accomplish.  Your mind isn’t clear and it will cause you to make business decisions that are not in your company’s best interest.  If you are getting angry at another person, it will only cause them not to think clearly.  In turn, that person will also pass on the anger and negative feelings to somebody else.  It creates a domino effect with negative energy going from person to person. 

Now I didn’t say to not pay attention to the situation.  But whatever it is, deal with what happened in a clear, concise way.  Expressing to the other person where they went wrong and what action they need to take. 

If a business situation does happen that makes you angry walk away.  Take a break.  Go for a brief walk to clear your head.  Take an early lunch.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Close the door to your office and take the time to rebalance yourself.  Give yourself time to think so you can say the right things.    Once you yell at someone, show your anger or say something you may later regret, you can’t take it back. 

Think first. React later – after you’ve given the unfavorable business situation your logical pattern of thought.

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