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You Haven’t Done Enough In Your Business

Congratulations!  You’re still in business.  It’s been a hard uphill battle.  Not only to stay in business but to try and make a profit in this economy.  This is not the time to let your guard down.  Although some economic indicators seem to point to a recovery, other economic indicators and common sense says that we are far from getting out of this economic uncertainty.  So I am asking you to consider this thought.  Everything that you have done has gotten you here.  Now it’s time to rethink your business so you can prepare yourself for what’s next.  Are we moving forward or are we going to have what the economists refer to as a double dip recession.  Depends on who you listen to and what 24 news cable programs you watch.  In these economic times, you are going to need to rethink and reevaluate your business with an intensity and frequency like never before.  So let’s get back to basics.  Relook at your expenses.  But don’t scale back your expenses so extremely that it doesn’t benefit the business.  You still need to spend money to make money.  Reevaluate your staff and their performance on a daily and weekly basis rather than just monthly or quarterly.  Look in the mirror and be extremely tough on yourself.  Are you doing everything that needs to be done and can you do more?  Are you paying attention to current customers and do you realize how valuable those customers are?  Do your employees realize the same?  Are you providing extraordinary service to your customers or clients?  Are you training and motivating your employees consistently to improve their performance?  What about sales prospecting?  Is the sales staff prospecting every day?  Or are they just giving you excuses?  I could go on and on but you get the idea.  As the title asks – are you doing enough?  What more can you do to assure your business success?

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