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Why Meaningful Dialogue With Sales Prospects Is Important To Your Business

There really is very little new business these days.  You take business from someone; someone takes business from you. It’s all part successfully identifying a sales prospect.

There may be very little new business these days but what there is plenty of is: Opportunity.

Chances are your next customer or client is already doing business with someone.  In other words, the competition.

So how are you going to find new business?

The answer is: Through a lot of hard work and rejection.

Sales success includes meaningful dialogue with prospects

As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to have a consistent prospecting, sales and marketing plan in place you work on every day.

Ask yourself:

– How do I provide better customer service than the competition?
– What do I offer that the competition doesn’t?
– How can I do a better job for my customers or clients than the competition?

None of this can happen unless you and your sales people are talking to prospects and have a meaningful business dialogue which will lead to a contract and a new client.

Yes, you will get a lot of rejection to find that one new customer. That’s all part of the sales prospecting cycle.  But when you talk to the right person, it often just seems to flow.

When you talk to that person or company your competition is no longer paying attention to and is no longer giving the best service possible, you and your company stand a good chance of doing business with them.

But first you need to find a sales prospect that you can have a mutually beneficial business conversation with.  Sounds obvious but many business people spend hours in pursuit of potential prospects that really aren’t prospects at all.  They are just time wasters, window shoppers, tire kickers.

Anything other than a “yes” as you work through the sales prospect process is a, “No”.


Let’s briefly look at four examples:

1) If potential sales prospects say to call next week or in three months instead of making an appointment today, that’s a “no”.  Do you call them back?  Absolutely.  But generally it will result at some point to a “No” response because they haven’t any need for your product or service.  The potential prospect’s pain isn’t great enough yet to engage you further.  So instead you just get excuses.

2) Decision makers at companies today are more hesitant to sign on the dotted line because they worry about making a wrong decision that will affect the company and their job performance in a negative way.  So they tend to drag things out in the sales process.  Or even lead you on when in reality there isn’t anything there to close a deal on.

3) Another example is when sales prospects miss an appointment.  Then miss a second appointment.  Or even a third.  Again, ask yourself if this is a truly a good prospect worth pursuing.  Sometimes perceived prospects don’t know how to say, “No, thank you.” And instead, keep putting you off in the hope you just one day don’t call back again.

4) Then there are sales prospects that keeps have meetings with you but never come to a final decision.  This is not meaningful really for either you or the prospect.


Business people will always find time for the things they need to run a successful business.  You must convince perspective customers that your product or service fulfills that exact need.

When you do find a meaningful prospect you must present to them in a way that grabs and keeps their attention.

Remember, people have shorter attention spans today as they multi-task and in general, have more on their minds.

Present to your prospect in a way they understand and will relate to in how your company can be of true benefit and value.  If you do, it will only be a matter of working out the details to close the deal with your new customer or client.

When it comes to meaningful business prospecting don’t forget about your current customers.  Don’t take them for granted.  You are in a constant sales prospecting cycle with them.

Don’t think because you are doing business with them today that someone isn’t knocking on their door or that they aren’t dissatisfied with how your company is handling their needs.

Remember: Prospecting, sales and marketing are key to your business success.  It drives everything else in the company.  All other aspects of your business exist because you sold something.

As you update sales and marketing goals, also set a goal for how many truly meaningful sales prospects you have at any given time.  The actual number may surprise you.  It may not be as many as you think.

Now go find the next great prospect and sales opportunity.  It’s waiting for you.


To your success!


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