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Why Business People Should Read: The Energy Bus

There is a book entitled: The Energy Bus – 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy by Jon Gordon.

Have you read, The Energy Bus, yet to improve your business?

One of my favorite pages in the book is page 48.  Here is an excerpt:

“But what do I do with the negativity I have?” asked George.

Joy pointed to the trash bucket.  “Right there, George.  You let it go.  You release it.  You throw it out. You transform it.  When the work is piled high on your desk, think about how thankful you are to even have a job while so many are unemployed.  When work is driving you crazy, think about the fact that you are healthy enough to work.  When you are sitting in traffic, be thankful you can drive a car while so many have to walk miles just to get clean water.  When the restaurant messes up your meal, think about how many unfed mouths there are in the world.  As I told my father a number of years ago when he lost the love of his life – my mother, ‘You had the kind of love for so many years that many people spend a lifetime searching for and never find.  Let’s be thankful for that.'”

Joy added, “Where there is a negative there is always a positive.  When there is a dark cloud, there is always a sun shining behind it.”

“So you are saying that I need to keep fueling my life with positive energy if I want to be successful.” George asked.

“I’m not saying it,” Joy answered.  “I’m screaming it!  I have found that where there is a void, negativity will fill it so we must keep fueling up with positive energy so the negative energy doesn’t have room to expand.  We must fuel up daily with positive thoughts, cultivate positive feelings, and take positive actions.  Positive energy is all of these things.  Without it your ride will stall.”


As you know, we are living through extraordinary times in our daily lives as well as in business.  It’s easy to go negative with all that is happening around us. That’s why it may be valuable to your business to read, The Energy Bus. After you’ve read it, consider having others in the company read it and then discuss ideas on how to improve the business simply be being more positive.

As a CEO, president or business owner, you need to lead your employees and business associates to think positive; to always look for the solutions rather than dwell on the problems by being an example every day. You, and only you, can set the standard at your company.


To your success!


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