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Who Will Win The Super Bowl? And Why It Is Important To Your Business.

Who will win the Super Bowl?

That’s a really good question. It’s anybody’s guess. If you’re from the AFC division city, then your team will win. If you’re from the NFC division city, then your team will win.

But I am going to let you in on a secret as to who is going to win. The team that is going to win is not the team with the most talent, most wins and best statistics because the two teams are generally evenly matched though one team may be favored by a slim margin.

The team that is going to win is……..  The team that shows up with:

  • the best attitude
  • a winning game strategy
  • can optimize on the other team’s mistakes 
  • has the will, drive and determine to win.

Which team REALLY wants the Lombardi trophy? 

That’s the team who will win the Super Bowl on Sunday. It doesn’t matter what they did the rest of the season. It only matters how a team plays on Sunday.


Let’s briefly turn to professional baseball. Have you noticed that the teams in the World Series are not always the teams with the highest payroll in baseball? Ultimately, money can’t always buy you a winning team season after season. It’s always about skill and talent but it also comes down to something more basic than that. It comes down to the will to win. How the team works together. The attitude to, as the saying goes: “get r done”.


Now let’s turn to business and how this applies to your company for MORE success.

Isn’t what happens in sports somewhat the same in your business or in any business? 

Hard work is important.

Having knowledgeable people around you will help you make a profit.

But it’s really about leadership and attitude.

As CEO, president or business owner, you are the head coach of your business.

Think about:

  • How do you lead your team? 
  • Do you have goals and expectations? 
  • Do you hold employees accountable? 
  • Do you motivate your team daily? 
  • Do you have sales incentives? 
  • Are employees the best trained in your industry? 
  • What are your hiring standards? 
  • Do you really know what your company needs are in order to form the best winning team? 
  • Or do you just let the company, more or less, run itself and allow employees to do whatever they want yet still expect results? 


Leaders lead. No excuses. Period.

Think about how you can become the Super Bowl winning coach for your business. The confetti may not start falling from the ceiling with each business win. Instead, the profits and owning the top marketplace position against your competition will follow.

Be in ACTION. Make it HAPPEN!

Watch the Super Bowl. Pay attention to the commercials aired in between game segments. Then be ready to win at your business on Monday.


To your success!


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