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Who Showed Up For Work Today At Your Business?

Work Today In Your BusinessWho showed up for work today at your business? You may know who is sitting at their desk or who clocked in or who said “hello” to you in the hallway or who stopped by your office to ask you a question or sent you an email or text. It’s not just what employees or co-workers showed up for work today but also… did you, as the CEO, president or business owner, come to work fully present?


Let’s briefly look at an example you may have experienced outside of your business:

It’s the weekend. You walk into the restaurant. It’s your favorite restaurant. You’ve been looking forward to this all week. You’ve been working hard. It’s been stressful – successful, but stressful. You sit down. The waiter comes over and hands you the menu and says: What do you want? Your first response may be: Pardon me…What do I want???!!! I just sat down and was handed a menu! Come back in a few minutes.

There’s no greeting. No smile. There is no sense of interest in you or the food served at the restaurant. There is just an emotional tone of frustration and lack of patience in the voice of the waiter or waitress because they just had a go around for whatever reason with the cooks in the kitchen or the owner of the establishment. You’re thinking to yourself: I came here for an enjoyable meal. I came here for a little peace and quiet with my family/friends. I came here to enjoy myself and I’ve got this person who’s just… wow, is angry!

After a few minutes, you order. The server eventually comes back and abruptly puts the food on the table. Doesn’t check your water or other beverage glasses to see if you’d like a refill. You say to yourself: What is going on with that person? It makes for an uncomfortable environment to enjoy your meal with friends or family – or even if you were alone having a quick bite to eat. You think to yourself: Well… I’m already here. The food is in front of me. So you eat the meal, the food is good but before you know it, the server is coming back to your table to pick up the plates you just seconds ago put your eating utensils on and is handing you the check for payment of the meal. You feel as though you are definitely being rushed out the door. You look around and see other tables available so it’s not because there is a line out the door waiting for a table. You say to yourself: What happened here? I don’t ever want to go back. I wanted to enjoy myself but the food isn’t that good to be served like this – and still expect a tip! You consider talking to the manager or owner of the restaurant but instead just walk out the door.


Now apply this example to your business… As a CEO, president or business owner, you don’t have to be in the restaurant or food service business to see similarities of why it’s important to know who showed up for work today.

Doesn’t the same thing happen at your place of business?

Ask yourself: Who showed up for work today? Or rather… How did everyone, including myself, show up at work today?

  • Was it a pleasant person?
  • Were YOU pleasant?
  • Was it a person who was going to be informative?
  • Was it a person that was going to help the customers or clients?
  • Was it someone who complained about everything or a self-motivated individual who ?
  • Did it feel like an inconvenience to show up at work?


Profits are made moment-by-moment, hour-by-hour and day-by-day. It can be debated many different ways: It can be said the most important aspect of any business are the employees, (and they are) or the most important aspect of the business are the customers (and they are).

But, if someone’s coming into work – including you, the CEO, president or business owner, who is:

  • not pleasant and civil to everyone
  • not creating the right tone
  • not creating the right culture or work environment
  • not creating a positive attitude
  • creating doom and gloom
  • negative about everything
  • not showing co-workers, employees, customers how good it is to see them…

What’s going to happen?

The customers are going to go someplace else. Prospects will take their business elsewhere. They’re going to say: I don’t need this! The employees, if they’re not working in a pleasant environment and have the proper work tools, they’re not going to want to come to work and will take the least amount of initiative. Being grumpy or negative is somewhat like a virus – it spreads.

  • Make sure when you walk into your office or workplace you are determined to get the job done, whatever it may be, that day.
  • You’re going to demonstrate will, drive and determination.
  • You’re going to direct everything to move forward in the right direction.

If someone in your company is not going in the same direction with attitude and productivity as everyone else address what you observe and ask: What’s going on? How can I be of help?


When you have the right attitude it clears your mind. It permits you to think. You can think of better solutions to any business issues or business problems. You can come up with better ideas. When you eliminate the negativity and say: I’m going to be positive and I’m going to move things forward. Things just happen because you are determined to move forward towards success. When you walk into your business and say: Everything in the world is bad! Everything! I can’t believe it! Oh, my goodness! Guess what? Everything is bad.


So, in a sense, you control your own destiny. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and positive people. Make sure your business is one people want to do business with, because the people running and working the business are inspiring.


It’s easy to see or find out if employees show up for work.

  • What is their state of mind?
  • Did they come to work to be productive or did they just show up for the paycheck?
  • Are employees consistent with the necessary skills for productivity?
  • Do all your employees come to work with a winning attitude?

Bottom line: Are you and your employees dependable to get the job done?

An employee who “had it together” yesterday doesn’t mean the same employee will still “have it together” today. Stay on top of everything and everyone every day so your business performs at its peak best without excuses.

To be the best you need to be “on your game” every day, individually and collectively as a team.  In business, especially in today’s modern work culture, you can’t afford to have a bad day.  You can’t be surprised by your competitors. You can’t afford to lose. Just as in football or any other sport, every game counts. The same is true in business. Everything your company does counts towards your business success.

Remember: Know who shows up for work today at your business.


To your success!



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