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Who Is The Most Important Person In Your Company?

Have you thought about who the most important person in your company is?

You could give a quick answer and say that you are the most important person in your company.

But I am not talking about leadership.  I am talking about how the customer perceives your company.  The most important person in your company is the first person the customer comes in contact with.

For a service business it may be the receptionist.  I have had the pleasure of working with a financial services firm for many years who has an incredible employee whose job it is to be the receptionist and answer the telephone.  Her name is Mickey.  When she answers the telephone, she makes every single client feel they are the most important person in the world. Whether they are existing clients or new clients calling in, with her winning ways she instantly instills confidence in the company she represents. 

How your company answers the telephone is how the customer perceives your company, postive or negative.

If you are in the retail business and a customer walks into the store and your sales clerk isn’t trained, you may very well lose the sale to the competition who has taken the time to train their employees in customer service and product knowledge.

If a sales representative comes to your business or one of your sales people goes to a potential customer’s business and they are not dressed properly, they are not well spoken and don’t know the product line, you won’t be doing business with that company. 

Every single person who works for you can be critical to your business and can help you make the sale or lose the sale.  Observe your business as though you were a customer and make sure the person that has first contact is giving the right impression of your business.

As the old saying goes:  First impressions really do count.

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