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Where Are The Customers For Your Business To Succeed?

If you are a CEO, president or business owner:

Where are the customers for your business to succeed and prosper?

Do you know?

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a good or a bad economy.

It doesn’t matter if your company has what is perceived to be more than enough business or if your company seems to lagging behind in customers and sales.


It’s a question as a CEO, president or business owner, you should be asking yourself no matter what’s is happening in the marketplace.

Don’t assume you know where your customers are.

If you do know precisely where they are, how does your company effectively target the marketing, prospecting and sales process to the customer?

Has your company adapted to the evolving and changing needs of the ideal customer?

For example, your company most likely has a website and a presence on the internet through such social media sites as Twitter, Linked In and Facebook along with videos on You Tube. But is that where your customer is in order to really bring in the expected sales on a consistent basis? Or is this just where the tire-kickers are?

Ask yourself: Are these marketing tools best to be considered relationship building techniques rather than direct routes to immediate sales?


Before starting any marketing campaign you need to ask who is the customer that will make this effort successful. Then ask, how to best target the campaign in order to find the customer and get them to respond appropriately.

What type of response do you expect a prospect to go through: a lengthy sales cycle or a direct sale?

If your customer is to be found online rather than offline, how best to find them?

Is social selling the answer?

If customers read publications or trade journals, which ones?

Or do you need to assertively conduct a strategic email or cold calling plan?


Every company needs to identify what works best.

Every company is different.

Often it is a mix of marketing and sales techniques in order to know where your customers are.


Most important is your sales team.

Are the salespeople talking to the right prospects and following up with current customers?

Thinking about who your customer actually is and where best to find them may seem rather obvious. But it’s not.

Too many companies take a shot gun approach in the hope of bringing in business. In business, hope is not a wise strategy to take. This type of philosophy will only lessen your company’s sales results while, at the same time, increase marketing costs which only eats away at profits and long term business goals.


Know your customer.

Know where best to find your customer for your business to succeed and prosper.


To your success!


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