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What’s The Worst Thing A Sales Prospect Can Say?

What are you afraid of?  What will the prospect do to you if you call them and they say ‘no’?  Will the world come to an end?  Will your beloved dog not wag its tail and greet you when you come home?  In some way, will you be less of an expert in your chosen line of work?  Or will the calcium be taken out of your bones if the prospect says ‘no’?  Of course, none of those things will happen.

It’s all a matter of attitude.  When a prospect gives you a definite ‘no’ and you go one step further trying to convince them to set an appointment or to buy the product or service, and they still say ‘no’, then you want to thank them.  Be grateful they gave you the ‘no’.  Say to yourself:  “Well, now I know what they are thinking and where their level of interest is.  The prospect has now freed up my valuable time up to find a prospect that will say ‘yes’”.

The prospects who say ‘no’ are just as valuable as the ones who say ‘yes’ because you now have an opportunity to spend your time finding a prospect that needs your goods or services.

Pick up that phone.  Put your headset on.  Dial one number after another.  Don’t stop till you’ve reached your goal with the number of dials you’ve set for yourself.  And if you prefer instead to hit the road, use a little shoe leather and directly visit your list of prospects, that’s fine too.  Just set your goals and don’t stop till you achieve your objectives.

Be enthusiastic.  The business is there.  There are many prospects you can talk to.  Do you have the focus and determine to find the prospect that your business needs?  And yes, you do have to have the right presentation… and the right product or service.  Have the sound of confidence in your voice.  But what will get you there is to eliminate the fear and keep prospecting till you reach your sales goals.

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