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What Will Your Business Look Like Next Year?

When you read the headline: What will your business look like next year? – you probably thought it was a typo, a misprint, an error; that I meant this year not next year. But actually, the headline is correct. What will your business look like next year?

As a CEO, president or business owner on January 1st of next year: Where will you be with your business? Of course, you may think that is an unanswerable question at the present moment.

CEO or business owner planning for success in next yearIs it possible to get a glimpse into the future?

The answer is: Yes.

What you do TODAY is going to affect where you will be with your business next year whether it’s January 1st or a year to the exact date you are reading this article. If you plan to have a strong business this year, and you execute those plans properly, the momentum will lead into next year.

Start by asking yourself questions.


  • Are we doing the right things at the company?
  • What was the P&L (profit & loss) statement for last year? What were the bottom line costs? What percentage was labor? What percentage was materials? What is in line as far as the ability to make a profit? What categories need more work, more focus, to be more efficient?
  • What’s the monthly P&L thus far this year?
  • Based on the P&L, what needs to change?
  • What marketing including social media needs to change or be improved upon?
  • What new markets can the company be in?
  • What new customers can the company target and prospect?
  • How to get the sales team motivated to more sales? Happier customers?
  • How best to track our efforts throughout the company?
  • How are we going to get on track, stay on track for success NOW which will flow into next year and beyond?


Some business people would say that it’s not necessary to be thinking ahead to next year. But it is necessary; it is important as a CEO, president or business owner.


Because you are always building upon a strong business foundation for the year that’s going to follow this current year.  You don’t want just one business year that’s going to be successful. You want to build the business so that it will be successful day after day, year after year.



To experience continuous business success will require:

  • planning
  • thought
  • vision
  • action.


You can’t just be in the moment with blinders on.


Consider the following:

  • What’s trending in your industry?
  • How recently did you talk with your banker, your vendors, the insurance company, your sales and customer service teams, your customers?

You need to be listening and making observations about what is happening around you to build and maintain the solid foundation for your business. What you may see going on at this moment in your business and industry, will allow you to anticipate the next quarter, the next six months and the next year. By doing so, you can write your business plans to reflect reality.


Remember: Once the business plan is written, you need to (as I always say):


Make it HAPPEN!


No excuses here! Get yourself and your employees into the success mode. If you or employees need more information to reflect these high standards of success, then get the training and mentoring necessary. Don’t wait! Seek out what you and your company needs. Or success will pass you by very quickly in today’s marketplace.


Today you can start to lead your business with a clean slate. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or the day before. It only matters what you do TODAY for success. When the calendar turns over to next year, not only will you be successful and profitable at your company, but you will have advanced the pathway to MORE success and profit in the months ahead.


To your success!


Howard Lewinter guides – focuses – advises CEOs, presidents and business owners throughout the United States to MORE success – MORE profit – less stress. Get MORE from your business! Talk business with Howard: 888-738-1855.


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