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What The 4th of July And Running Your Own Business Have In Common

The 4th of July and running your own business hold similar goals and meaning. Both are about freedomindependence – and security.

To many Americans, the 4th of July means a day off from work, a parade, barbeque and fireworks. The holiday is actually much more than that. It’s about patriotism and remembering values upon which this great country were founded; and as a nation, since 1776, still hold true today over 200 years later.

Freedom and democracy come at a cost; yet Americans have a long history of being willing to defend these rights. As business people, leading companies large and small, what do we really want? The very same things our Founding Fathers did:

  • We want freedom to live our business dreams in the land of opportunity, America.
  • We want independence because we don´t want others governing us or telling us what to do.
  • We want security, including job and financial. This security can and does come at a price. Long hours, time away from the family, striving to be the best, surviving stressful times and most important, maintaining a positive attitude even when storm clouds hover overhead.

As Americans and as business people we are willing to take chances every day, to do it right; and to excel at what we do, individually and collectively.

Let’s celebrate the 4th of July by honoring the sacrifices of generations past and present as well as the guiding principles of freedom which rule the great American lifestyle in our daily personal lives and in business.

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