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What Do You REALLY Want From Your Business?

What do you REALLY want from your business?

What do you really want from your business? Make it happen!As a CEO, president or business owner, have you ever asked yourself this particular question?

If not, you should. Starting TODAY.

Your initial answer may only touch the surface of what you really want from your business.

Keep thinking on it. Till you get to the root response. In other words, what you think you want from your business may not be the real reason at all. There may be multiple factors that come into play to form your answer to the question.

What do you REALLY want from your business? – Is an important question which leads to another question:

Why does the business exist?

Answer: The business is there to serve your needs in order to create the life you want.

Yes, the business helps solve problems for others. Yes, the business creates jobs and contributes to the community. Yes, the business can be a force for good in many ways. But as the CEO, president or business owner, the company you started from the ground up and lead every day, is there to give you the life you want and envision. That’s what business leaders and entrepreneurs do. They’re visionaries.

You don’t want worry, overwhelm and confusion from your business – or in your life, do you?

Would you like to manage your business with less stress?

That’s why it’s vital to know what you REALLY want from your business.

Otherwise, how do you:

  • Know what the next step is to take in your business?
  • How do you make the right business decisions?
  • How do you feel satisfied with the work you do each day?
  • How do you motivate and inspire others that work with you?


As a successful CEO, president or business owner, you know how important it is to have a business plan. Not just to have a business plan sitting on your desk but to have an updated business plan that is referenced often.

If you don’t have a business plan for your company, it would be similar to driving from New York to California without having planned out a route of what roads to take, hotels to stay at and sights to see along the way.


Before you create the business plan for your company, you absolutely need to know what you REALLY want from your business. Otherwise, how can you put together a realistic plan of action?


Here are some points to consider when you ask yourself what it is you REALLY want from your business:

  • What lifestyle would you like to live?
  • How much income will it take for you to live the lifestyle you want to live?
  • What is your retirement plan?
  • Do you someday want to sell the business?


How you lead, structure and grow your business contributes to the life – both personal and business – you want to have. That’s why it’s necessary to write a business plan that’s in harmony with the needs, wants, hopes and dreams you have. Yet at the same time be realistic, focused and grounded in what is possible to take the next step. Otherwise, you may hold the title of CEO, president or business owner but you really just have a job. Probably, one that you are just going through the motions with daily. A position that finds you frustrated and unmotivated.

There isn’t any criticism or judgement for anything you want. The key is: What do you REALLY want?

Not what someone else wants. Not what someone else thinks you should do. Rather what YOU want; what you think you should do to have the very best life – business and personal – possible.

If you sit down and sketch out a life plan then you will be able to write a business plan.

When writing the business plan, ask yourself:

  • What is it going to take to reach my goals – personal and business?
  • How much business revenue and profit is necessary this year? Next year? Two years from now?
  • How much sales volume?
  • How many sales people and customer service people does the company need?
  • What infrastructure will it take to make business happen?


These are just several questions you can ask yourself to get started. The more you work on the plan the more questions you will want to ask and think about. Keep asking questions!

Then you’ll be on the pathway to business success!

Achieving the life – both business and personal – you want and deserve.


To your success!


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