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What Business Outcome Are You Looking For?

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As a CEO, president or business owner, you are so busy during your day doing so many different things that you probably never stop to think or ask about the word: outcome.

But that’s exactly what you need to think about or engage in conversation about as you go through your day: “What is the outcome?”

You may ask, “The outcome of what?”

Answer: The outcome of many things. For example, your sales team has an appointment with a potential new customer or client. No matter what stage of the selling process your sales team is at with the prospect, what outcome do you want from the meeting? More importantly, what outcome does the prospect want? In order to get your desired outcome you need to know what the prospect wants as an outcome.

Outcome is about understanding where you are and knowing where you want to go. Finding a solution to get you there with products or services. It’s about directly involving other people to achieve the desired outcome such as employees, prospects and vendors.

In business today, it’s all about results. Such as: making a profit, being in the envious position of being #1 in your marketplace, meeting/exceeding sales goals or finally succeeding at creating an innovative new product after years of research and development that your customers want.

Results = outcome.

It’s something to think about and be aware of with everything you do each business day no matter how small or how large the issue or event is.

Think permanent results or outcome. Not temporary results or outcome.

Rethink your business by thinking about: the outcome.

When you consciously are aware of the business outcome you want then you can address the business challenges you face daily and can move forward to greater success and profit.

If you want to improve your business and increase sales at your company, then listen to this week’s edition of Talk Business With Howard radio (at the top of this page). I talk with Ron Karr, author of the book, Lead, Sell or Get Out of the Way, about the word, “outcome”. It will reframe your perspective about how to successfully do business in today’s economy.

Rethink your business. Rethink your company’s sales process.

All by thinking about one word: outcome.


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