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What Are The Top 10 Reasons Customers Buy From Your Company?

Top 10 lists are very popular today. It seems that a new top 10 list is coming out every day. You see top 10 lists featured on the covers of magazines. There’s even a well-known top 10 list featured on a late night talk show.

But do you have a top 10 list of reasons why customers buy from your company? If you are interested in increasing sales then consider developing a top 10 list.

Let’s look at why.

In business, many times it’s about perception. It’s not about what you think. It’s about what your customer or client thinks that’s important to your company’s survival and success.

In our fast paced business world, many CEOs, presidents and business owners never take time to think about why their customers or clients choose to buy a product or service from their company rather than a competitor.

Most companies only think they know why people buy from them. The marketing department develops long lists of product features and benefits. Salespeople focus on why their product is better than the competition when talking to prospects.  Telling prospects they provide better service, better quality and perhaps even, better pricing.

They think that is the answer to increasing sales. Of course, there is truth to that. But it may be not the real reason.

Understand who your customer or client is. Understand what they want.

It may take calling several of your clients you are closest to and striking up a conversation about what is important to them.  You may need to interview your customer service or sales people and ask them to give you a list of why people buy. As the CEO, president or business owner, you may need to sit down and analyze everything you can as to why someone does business with you.

Dig deep. Don’t go with what sits on the surface. Don’t accept what appears to be an obvious answer. Get to the heart. Get to the root of why people buy from your company. The reasons may surprise you but will provide you with clarity and direction on how to focus your business.

When you determine what the real reasons are that people do business with you, you’ll be far ahead of the competition. Sit down, think about it. Then come up with a top 10 list. But don’t stop with 10. List 20, 30 or more reasons, the REAL reasons, why people do business with you.

Develop a plan. Incorporate your top 10+ list of reasons into sales presentations, marketing materials, brand image and customer service standards.

Always keep in mind the real reason why customers buy from you and your company’s profits will grow.


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