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What About Your Employees?

As a CEO, president or business owner, you have probably streamlined your business in every way possible to compete aggressively in today’s economy and marketplace. You’ve worked long hours and slept less to keep the business successful. You have looked at and implemented every efficiency that’s appropriate to your business. You have reworked job descriptions giving your employees more responsibilities. You have experimented with any and all ideas to make your business better.

Now it’s time to take a look at something else.

As a smart, innovative business leader who is always thinking ahead and asking, “What can I do better?”, it’s time to think about what you can do for your employees to make their workplace and lives better.

These employees are the same people that have stood by you on the most difficult, most challenging business days. These same employees who made personal sacrifices to keep everything going at your company with a smile on their face.

As I so often say to CEOs, presidents and business owners:

It’s the easiest of times to go into business. It’s the hardest of times to stay in business.

What I often discuss with CEOs, presidents and business owners is the ongoing search for great employees and the ability to retain those great employees.


Your business has survived and prospered not only because of your hard work but because of your employees’ hard work and effort. Their dedication to the mission, values and vision of the company. They are the front line advocates for the business.

Take a look around your company.

Think about who has been with you over the past few years. Who are the employees you have depended upon?

Think about any newer employees. Is there anyone that was able to “hit the job running”, as the saying goes, or exceptionally excelled more than expectations and is seen as a “rising star” by you and others in the company?

Once you have a list written down, think about how you can say, “Thank you” to each and every employee. What can you do individually and collectively to show your appreciation and to encourage continued employee retention, motivation and team spirit at your business? 

It doesn’t have to be a big raise in salary, a big bonus or a Caribbean cruise. It can be something small that is still appropriate such as:

  • bringing donuts or cupcakes into work every Monday morning
  • a special mention of recognition at a company or department meeting
  • sending a personal thank you note to an employee who went above and beyond expectations
  • a special company dinner or picnic
  • movie tickets
  • a gift card for dinner or shopping
  • celebrating every employee’s birthday, by month or by day, depending on the size of the company
  • catering an in-office lunch
  • buying everyone a particular book to read for motivation and discussion
  • or anything else your employees may like and view as favorable recognition for work well done
  • even a simple verbal, “thank you”, being said directly to an employee or group of employees.


Just be careful your employees don’t view your efforts to thank them as an entitlement; as something to be expected. Recognition comes with hard work and favorable business results.

Don’t just make employee recognition and appreciation a one-time occurrence. Always be looking for ways to say something positive. To acknowledge and encourage dedication to good work even excellent work.

So often today in business, or really so many things in daily life, we hear the negative side of things. It’s refreshing when business people take a positive approach to how they run their business. Your employees are the backbone of the company. This type of an approach brings its own set of rewards including an energized, creative workforce wanting the company to succeed and prosper.


To your success!


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