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Is Vision Necessary For Business Success?

Since the beginning of time people essentially haven’t changed. There is new technology. But the wants and the needs of people haven’t changed since the beginning of time. It’s an age old question: Why some people succeed and other people don’t.

Visionary CEO/Founder/Business Owner

In business, there are three types of entrepreneurs:

1) Those in business who fail

2) Those in business who just making a living

3) Those in business who really succeed and run a very profitable company.

There are many factors to business success. Having a clear vision is one of the most important. Being able to see what most others can’t see. Being able to see the future. Being bold enough to move forward when others, including the competition, are not.

So let’s briefly review the three types of entrepreneurs:

1) Those who often fail at running a business just show up for work every day. Although they’re in business, they’re just doing a job. Nothing more.


2) Those who make a living from running a business are the business people that just keep it going; never giving a thought to what’s next. But for them, that’s okay, and they are content to get by like this.


3) Those who are really successful in running a business have vision. They can see things that other people can’t see. They have the ability to do what’s right for their business even if it’s against conventional wisdom.


Vision is something that people just naturally have. But it can also be developed. How? By clearing your mind, focusing and always asking yourself: What’s next? It’s never being fully satisfied with your achievements in business. Knowing there is always something more out there to explore, initiate and be ahead of the pack when it comes to business success and beating the competition.

Do you consider yourself to be a visionary CEO, president, founder or business owner? 

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