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Think Through Unintended Consequences For Business Success

Many years ago, someone said to me: You need to look out for unintended consequences. 

When we make decisions, we often don’t think about the ultimate results. We make a decision based on the moment. But don’t give enough or even any thought to what the decision really means. Therefore, unintended consequences happen.

Business can be an emotional pursuit. But you also have to think logically.

Think it through by asking yourself:

If I do this, what happens? If I do that, what happens? 

Many times CEOs, presidents and business owners will act quickly to only later regret their decision.

For example:

  • In haste you fire someone, but have no immediate replacement to fill the spot.
  • You see a product you use in your business and decide buy an extra supply of the product because it’s a “good price”; only to find out later you are no longer using that particular product any more.
  • You decide to move to a new building or build a new warehouse only to discover it would have been smarter to have remained at the old location.

Sometimes it’s the right thing to fire an employee, buy extra supplies or move to a new location. But always think through your actions so you don’t have to regret your decisions or the potential unintended consequences of those decisions.

To your success!


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