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Two Important Concepts To Get You Where You Want To Go With Your Business

To get where you want to go with your business requires two important concepts:  focus and determination.

You may have previously thought you were focused on your business – at least until we all encountered the recession.  Over the last nearly 24 months you have discovered what your business was lacking and how vulnerable your business actually was to the economy.  You’ve now identified the business problems and have solved or are working on solving them.

Now it’s time to look forward to what’s next with your business. You need to anticipate what is going to happen in your business, what your needs are and focus on the actions you need to take as well as the solutions to making it happen.

I am not talking about just a few minutes of thought.  I am talking about sitting down every day for 20 minutes to an hour with a blank piece of paper in front of you and focusing on the different aspects of your business and what needs to be done.  After you do this for a time you will realize how much improved your company is.

Now let’s talk about determination.  Only the strong survive.   The winner of a sports event is not necessarily the team with the most talent.  It’s the team with the most determined players who could not accept losing.  A determined sports team plays the game up until the last moments of the contest and usually comes out on top because their determination to succeed and win pulled them through.  The more critical the problem is in your business, the more determined you have to be to focus on the problem, find the solution and implement the solution quickly.  The more successful your business, the more determined you have to be to keep your business on top.  Your attitude towards success goes a long way to making your company not only successful but profitable.

In business, it’s about having the will, drive, focus… and determination.

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