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To Succeed In Business Be Willing To Risk It All

There are so many comparisons between business and sports. If you are a sports fan, perhaps you’ve heard the phrase: … You’ve got to play to the whistle. Whether you are on offense or defense, you have to play till the referee blows the whistle. Once back out on the field, it’s time to again give it everything you’ve got. You can’t hold anything back. It’s that way in business too. If you are a CEO, president or business owner, to succeed in business you need to put it all on the line every single day. You risk it all. Taking calculated risks. Your playing field is the office address of your business.

Many people who have jobs go home each day at a certain time, do things outside of work, spend time with family and friends, go out to eat, go to events, etc. When you manage and operate a business, the business is on your mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The most successful CEOs, presidents and business owners may make a significant amount of money, drive a prestigious car and live in a nice house but they also make that all possible because they are thinking about their business all the time. It’s a way of life. Every day these business people are risking it all to live their business dreams. They put it all on the line to be MORE successful.

If you’re not willing to do that, if you’re not willing to risk everything, then it’s difficult to become successful. Now I am not suggesting you should be foolish in any way. I’m not suggesting you should take chances that are just absolutely crazy. What I am suggesting is to be successful in business you need to take calculated risks. Making certain there is an upside to your business decisions. To know what the downside to the risk is if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason.

If you’re not willing to say to yourself that you sincerely put everything into the business, both emotionally and financially, then the chances of you being successful, in the long term, aren’t great.

You must play to win in business for the long term.

As stated previously, business is a way of life. It is a way of thinking. You have to absolutely say to yourself:

That is what I want to do.There is no option. I must make this successful. I must put myself in a position where I understand I cannot fail. Failure is not an option.

Then ask yourself:

How much risk am I willing to take to succeed in business? To reach my goals in life?


If you play it close to the vest, so to speak, and you play it more like you’re an employee, like it’s more of a job than running a business then you’ll most likely never make the kind of money or reach the level of success you really want in life.

Everything is a risk in business.

  • It’s a risk when you hire someone.
  • It’s a risk when you open a new office.
  • It’s a risk when you buy new business equipment.

That’s why you must be willing to take the risk to succeed in business.

Every step along the way creates risk.

The key is to do everything you can to minimize the risk.

  • To study the business situation.
  • To gather information.
  • To know what the upside is.
  • To know what the downside is.
  • To know if a particular action is taken what it actually means.


This applies to when you hire a new salesperson or other staff member, adding to your product line or services, moving to a new location, etc.

When you do actions like this that are necessary to grow and develop the business, know that somehow it needs to be paid for. Business needs to be coming in. Not sporadically but consistently. Know how many prospects become customers.

Become a student of your business. When you do, though you’ll still be taking risks, the risks won’t be so significant of an impact on the business – or you.

Remember: As a CEO, president or business owner, it’s more than just a title. It means you are a business person. It is a way of life. It’s is not always easy. But you can’t imagine doing anything else. It’s just what you do. It’s who you are.


When you wake up in the morning, don’t hold back. Go after it. Live your business dreams. Get the information and understanding you need to become the biggest success you can become.

If you don’t, as time goes on, as you get older, you’ll look back and think: I wish I would have! I should have done (fill in the blank) but I didn’t want to take the risk.

Risk is inherent to business. It’s just how you approach it that will lead to your success.


To your success!


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