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To Micromanage Or To Not Micromanage Your Business

Micromanage – It’s a word I constantly hear from CEOs, presidents and business owners.  They’ll comment that their employees will say to them:  “I don’t want to be micromanaged by you.”

I am a believer in delegation.  Setting goals.  Meeting deadlines.  Taking care of necessary daily tasks.  Having a “to do” list.  Having the most appropriate individual do the work rather than having it all piled up on your desk.  Employees need to consistently act responsibly and be results oriented.  But the employees who are saying: “Don’t micromanage me!” are usually not getting the job done.  They don’t want you looking over their shoulder.  They don’t want to improve the way they are doing their job and don’t want to be taken out of their comfort zone.  They are perfectly happy not succeeding and trying to make you feel guilty because you have expectations of them doing their job.

It’s not necessary and it’s undesirable to micromanage employees who are meeting goals and expectations.  The more on target you are with hiring the right employees, the less you will find you are micromanaging people.  Giving you more time to do what you need to do.

If you have a department or an employee that is not getting the job done, don’t hesitate assert yourself, find out what needs to be changed, take action and get the situation turned around.  Don’t wait!  And don’t buy the story, or the excuses, from someone who isn’t getting the job done for you.

Remember, it’s your business.  You are the person who is ultimately responsible for your success.

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