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Tina Turner Can Teach Us A Lot About Business

Everyday I talk with business people all over the United States.  They want to make more money.  They want to run a better business.  They want to be a leader in their industry.  They want to live their dream and have a better life.

What they don’t always understand is where they are going wrong which prevents them from achieving their business goals.

These business people are hard working with great products or services.  But the one thing they may lack, that is key to their business success, is enthusiasm and passion.  When talking to clients, customers or prospects a positive, sustained level of energy is just as important as the product or service you represent in selling and keeping the client or customer.

If you want to see how to do it right go over to YouTube and view a video of Tina Turner performing Proud Mary live in concert. For nine minutes Tina fills the stage with energy, excitement and entertains thousands of people who are captivated by her performance.

Now I know none of us are rock stars but if you want superstardom success you need to be a rock star with your business.  It’s not just what you and your sales people are selling.  It’s how you captivate your audience.  How you project your attitude, your energy, your belief in what you do, your passion.

As a CEO, company president or business owner, you need to realize that not only are you are in business, but also in show business.  You always need to put on a great show that is also truly authentic. Having the best product or service isn’t enough.  It’s important to your success but if you don’t sell it, you won’t succeed to rock star status with your business.

So watch the YouTube video with Tina on stage.  You may not be able to do the dance steps or sing the way only Tina can sing or wear the stage attire and high heals, but you can create excitement, enthusiasm and confidence with your employees; and in turn, with the people you do business with.

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