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Three Important Points You Can’t Overlook In Your Business

As a CEO, president or business owner, you are busy each business day – from before you walk into your office to when you turn off the lights at night.  It’s easy to overlook three important points that are essential to your company’s success.


Here are three important point you can’t overlook in your business:

1.) Keep the customer happy.  There is a saying that it is ten times harder to find a new customer than it is to keep a current customer.  After you deal with customers for a long period of time, sometimes you can tend to take them for granted.  Some companies focus so much on attracting new customers that they forget to maintain the customer relationships they already have.  This creates a revolving door of customers without any solid base of consistent, repeat customers.  After a period of time, established customers feel neglected and eventually become a new customer someplace else, for example, at your competitor.  So always be thinking about how to make it a better customer experience for your loyal customers.  Don’t forget to sometimes, just for no reason at all, thank customers for their business.  Always have an open door policy for customer feedback.

2.) Whatever business you are in you need to understand your company is a sales organization.  If you are not constantly selling, before you know it the sales volume will fall and your company will be losing money.  Even with your best efforts you will lose customers just through the natural process of attrition.  Your customers or clients may go out of business, may be bought by another company, or the person making the buying decisions may suddenly decide to buy from other sources or vendors.  Always be looking for the next sale.  Don’t wait until you need business.  Be proactive.  You always need, and welcome, more business.

3.) You are in business to make a profit.  It’s what keeps you in business.  Gives employees raises.  Provides for funding when you need it.  Allows you to be more flexible and competitive in the marketplace.


No matter what is happening in the economy, these three points will always bring you MORE business success. It is essential to your short term and long term business strategy NOT to overlook them.


To your success!


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