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Three Business Excuses You Can’t Afford


CEOs, presidents and business owners seem to be busier than ever these days.

There are many reasons for that. The uncertainty that continues to have a firm grasp on the economy, adapting to a changing marketplace and business world, new technologies, doing more with less employees and resources, holding on to and maximizing the opportunity with current customers along with finding new customers, cash flow issues, to name a few reasons why business people are so busy.

It’s about survival, stability and profitability.

Yet as a CEO, president or business owner there needs to be an awareness that the chaos and uncertainty in the economy doesn’t permeate into your business days. Even in subtle, subconscious ways. Because when it does it will instantly begin to affect your effectiveness as a leader and achieving your company’s goals, both short term and long term. Your customers will notice it before you do with missed deadlines, unreturned phone calls or emails, mistakes, lack of focus and change of attitude.

That awareness you have about yourself and your business includes excuses. You can’t afford business excuses. If you allow business excuses, then don’t expect to see profit and success.

For example, here are three common business excuses:


1) Know who you are. Know what your business vision is: Most business people started their business with ideas about who they were, what they wanted to accomplish and how they were going to accomplish it. As the years have gone by, and especially in this economy, it’s possible those same business people have lost the vision as to who they are and what they want out of their business and how to get there.

If you’re in that situation, it would be beneficial for you (on a regular basis) to find some quiet time and reevaluate who you are, where you are, what you want out of your business and how to get there. Keep a notebook handy to jot down notes of what comes to mind so you can reference later. With the current business conditions over the last several years, you may find your thinking has become unclear as though you were in a fog. Now it’s time to redefine yourself and your business. It’s time to start moving forward again. No excuses.


2) Market your business every day: I don’t know any business person that does’t wish, in some way, they could go back to the good old days. When our parents were talking about the good old days they may have been talking about 30-40-50 years ago. Today when business people talk about the good old days, they are only talking about 3-4-5 years ago!

Granted there are business people being wildly successful in this economy. But it’s also true the economy isn’t going to turnaround any time too soon. It’s harder than ever to find and keep new business. But it is out there. There is opportunity. Sitting behind your desk and waiting for it to come in is not the answer.

Get in action. Start thinking clearly. (Reread #1)

Market your business every day. Every week of the year. You can’t stop marketing no matter how much or how little business you have. Don’t allow yourself to be under the influence of any false illusions regarding your business. Just as you schedule time for yourself to think (Reread #1), you need to schedule time to market your business. No excuses.

Marketing means prospecting for business. I don’t know of any business person today that doesn’t want more business.

Whether it’s traditional marketing with cold calls, advertising online or offline and direct mail; or it’s new media with inbound content marketing techniques such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, podcasts and videos; or a strategic mix of both traditional and new media marketing you must be effectively marketing your business.

Is your marketing plan updated? If not, update it. No excuses.

There’s also no excuse for not making time to market your products or services. You are never too busy to market. That’s like saying you don’t have time to sell your products or services.

Don’t let the current business situation stop you in your tracks or prevent you from business success. Over all the years you have been in business you have gained a substantial knowledge of the business world. Use that knowledge to your advantage. Market your business every day.



3) Sales people sell: If you are in business long enough you hear every excuse when it comes to selling and not meeting sales goals. Such as –  “I can’t sell because the price is too high”. Or – “I can’t sell because we need a new brochure”. Or – “I can’t sell because I need new business cards”. I am sure you can add to this list of excuses sales people have about not selling or reaching their sales goals.

Sometimes as the CEO, president or business owner you may think sales people are more interested in selling you than selling the potential customers.

The bottom line is this: sales people sell No excuses.

Whining is not part of sales. Excuses don’t make it. Professional sales people get the job done. Don’t buy excuses from your sales people. Hold them to a professional sales standard. Are they prospecting and selling every single day? All that matters is what was sold today. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Today. No business excuses. Period.

Remember: Less business excuses lead to the more profit and success.




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