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This Too Shall Pass In Your Business

It starts with a headache.

Or maybe a chill or a sore throat.

Then it works its way to a full blown case of the flu. You feel so lousy you start to think you are never going to get through it and be well again. But then the fever breaks and you know in a few days that this too shall pass.

It’s really no different with running a business. There will always be bad days followed by good to great days…

Yet you will get through this. Know this too shall pass in your business.

Put aside or step right into whatever level of fear you may have.

If you are ever faced with an emergency, business or otherwise:

  1. Think first,
  2. Be in action. Do the right thing at that very moment.
  3. Panic later if you still find the need to panic. By then, you most likely won’t require any panic but rather will feel relief you made it to the other side of your fear and the situation. Most importantly, know are okay.


Let’s look at this another way from a business perspective: Don’t be like the auto manufacturers and wait till it’s too late or until your business has few options. The auto manufacturers in Detroit knew for years they needed to build better, more fuel efficient cars. But did they? No. The big auto companies virtually laughed at the Japanese car manufacturers when they debuted smaller, better designed, better produced cars. In turn, the Japanese took Detroit by surprise and consumers responded. Now Toyota and Honda top positions in the number of yearly car sales in the American car market.

History tends to repeat itself. You may be familiar with the phrase: Remember the Edsel. The phrase refers to the disaster Ford had with the Edsel back in the early part of the 20th Century. General Motors Oldsmobile division met its demise because the brand didn’t keep up with the times or the consumer.

Remember: Change in business is inevitable.


Be aware. Don’t hop on a trend but pay attention to industry trends. Determine if its right for your company.

Accept. Adapt. Stay current.

As your customer needs and wants change so too will your company. Yet the basic foundation of your business will always stay the same.


What does a sports team do when they are losing? They go back to the fundamentals of the game. As a CEO, president or business owner, always go back to the fundamentals of business. Your business success doesn’t start in the marketplace with employees or customers. It starts in your thinking and how it leads the business forward.


Every day for 30 minutes you need to sit down in a quiet place with a blank piece of paper in front of you and start writing any idea that comes to your head to improve your business. If you do this consistently, you will be amazed at what productive, successful changes you can make in your business. Your business will be operating from a strong position within the competitive business marketplace.


To your success!


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