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Think Before You Email Or Text For More Business Success

The other day, as we worked on a project here in the office, we realized that a professional acquaintance of ours would be an excellent resource to gain additional perspective. Later on in the day I asked if we had made contact and the reply was, “Yes, sent him an email.” I asked why we simply didn’t place a call to him. There really wasn’t any specific reason. Then I started thinking about how business people communicate today. How we communicate as business people is so critical to business success.

Sending email (or even a text message) in business has become essentially an automatic form of communication. Often, we don’t even think about it. We just “shoot over an email” or “send a text”.  Don’t give it another thought. Just like what happened in my office – and happens in business offices every day.

Now I happen to be a big fan of email. Email certainly has enhanced my business and how I communicate with clients and other business contacts. But you can’t build a business relationship via email.

Relationships require human interaction. We need to hear the sound of each other’s voices.

  • To introduce ourselves to business associates and prospects
  • To close business deals
  • To maintain key business partnerships
  • To clarify business questions
  • To keep a business project on track
  • To thank someone for a job well done
  • To let customers know how much you appreciate their business

The next time you’re about to send an email (or text), think about what would be most appropriate to everyone’s business success. Don’t necessarily do what’s easiest. Do what is strategically best for the business situation and its desired outcome.

Ask yourself: Do I send an email (or text) or is this an opportunity to talk a business contact and further build a relationship for more success?

Encourage your co-workers to do the same.


To your success!


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