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The Word, Hope, Doesn’t Belong In Business


There is no question the world has gotten more stressful. In general, people “hope” for many good things to happen in their daily personal and business lives.

It’s important from a personal point-of-view to practice your faith and in my opinion, pray a lot to help you get through any difficult or challenging times.

People need hope there is going to be a future – a prosperous, happy, healthy future. That’s what our New Year’s greetings are about every December 31st/January 1st..

People need to believe with hard work and good fortune there is the prospect of a better life.

Although I am a big believer in having hope and also faith in daily life, it’s important to understand and to be careful about how these words apply to business – especially with your company as a CEO, president or business owner.


If you sit behind your desk all day and you hope things will get better and you have faith that everything is okay, chances are it won’t be. You need to be in actionIn motion. You need to be a leader. You need to get out from behind your desk and set an example for your employees. Waiting for something to happen is not the answer. You have to make it happen.  Every day. Hope and faith do not apply here.

An example would be when you were back in school. If you hadn’t studied for the big test the night before and you hoped the answers would magically come to you, you probably wouldn’t get a very good grade on the test.

If you are not in action today in your business and making it happen, you’ll get a very different grade than when you were in school. Your grade will come in the form of lost revenues or worse yet, losing your business.

So don’t sit back and wait for something to improve. This IS the changing world of business and technology. The business world is moving faster than it ever. The key is not to let your business be left behind.

Don’t hope things will get better. Don’t hope things will improve.  As a CEO, president or business owner, only you can make it better for you and your company. So what are you waiting for?

I often hear business people say things like: “I hope to get the contract.” or “I’m hoping to do (fill in the blank) in sales volume this year.”

Remember: There is no hope in business. Only action and results.

Hope and faith are an important part of everyone’s daily personal lives. But hope in business won’t get you the success you are looking for. Only you can create a successful business.

Be in action to make it happen!


To your success!


Business strategist and business expert, Howard Lewinter, guides – focuses – advises CEOs, presidents and business owners throughout the United States across a wide variety of industries to MORE success – MORE profit – less stress. Business problems? Business issues? Get MORE from your business! Talk business with Howard:  888-738-1855.

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