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The Second Most Important Question CEOs And Business Owners Can Ask

Listen to Howard talk about the second most important question CEOs and business owners need to ask for MORE success and MORE profit:


Since 2008 (the Great Recession) with changes in the economy, technology and workplace, many CEOs, presidents and business owners have felt at times like the sky is falling. Other times, people leading businesses have felt beaten down. They find it difficult to come to work every day feeling enthusiastic and excited about what the business day will bring. They find it challenging to adapt fast enough within their industry, the marketplace and to hiring as well as retaining excellent employees. All while competition has gotten fiercer.

Have you have experienced similar running your business?

Prior to 2008, business people everywhere were asking: Why not?

  • Why not make an extra sales call?
  • Why not make another sale today?
  • Why not initiate a merger with another company?
  • Why not expand the business?
  • Why not make more money?


But in the years since many business people feel that things are so different now that those very same things just can’t be done, or at least as frequently. It’s made a lot of CEOs, presidents and business owners feel like they’re dragging around a ball ‘n’ chain. Do you ever have business days when you feel that way?

Here’s the good news to report: There’s OPPORTUNITY out there just waiting to happen!

Today, after you finish reading this article, start to ask the second most important business question CEOs, presidents and business owners should be asking: Why not?

  • Why not hire the best employees possible?
  • Why not update the company’s marketing plan?
  • Why not increase the sales plan for the year?
  • Why not have expectations that goals can be reached – and exceeded?
  • Why not come to work looking forward to the day with great enthusiasm?


business meetingNow you may be wondering if “why not?” is the second most important business question, then what is the first most important business question? I answered that in a previous blog post entitled, One Word Will Grow Your Business. And the word is: Why?



Today, I want you to think about questions like this:

  • Why are we not making those extra sales like we use to?
  • Why are we not coming in first more often and winning more contracts?
  • Why are we not buying new equipment for the business?
  • Why are we not more successful than we are?

Start looking forward to the future rather than dreading each day and what it may bring.

  • Why not start planning a year-end holiday trip to the Bahamas for the whole family?
  • Why not remodel the kitchen in your house?
  • Why not take those golf or private yoga lessons you’ve always wanted to take?
  • Why not make the money to pay for all of the above – and MORE?


See the opportunities.

Make business happen!

The sky is not falling. But you do have to be better than the competition to achieve what is being discussed here today. You can do it! You need to have:

Will – Drive – Determination.


The bottom line is this:

Don’t get caught up in all 24 hour cable news hype going on right now. Get out from behind your desk and ask yourself, every business day:

  • Why not do better?
  • Why not make more money?


Now go do it.

Be in ACTION! Make it HAPPEN!


To your success!


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