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The Most Important Business Time Of Year For Greater Profit And Success


CEOs, presidents and business owners often look over a calendar year and forecast when certain times of the year will be most important or productive to their business.

Every business has particular times of the year to focus on. But the most important business time of year for greater profit and success in any company is now. Today. The present moment.

Every day, every week and every month stands on its own.

You can’t just be productive and profitable part of the year. If you work hard for six months and make a profit; and in the next six months you are not paying attention to your business and lose money, what did you gain?

It’s important to understand that companies become profitable and successful day by day, week by week and month by month. It’s an accumulation of putting successful days together that creates the profit and success.

Right now we are in what collectively may be the most important time of the year for business because there are only a few months left in the year. The question is: how are you going to optimize business opportunities over the next few months? Are you going to rethink your business goalsReview business plansIncrease sales activity?

Or are you going to keep doing the same things in your business and hoping everything works out just fine? (Read my blog post about hope and business, click here.) Or are you looking to next year, 2012?

If it’s been a difficult, challenging business year, you can still end the year on a positive note by thinking through your business and what needs to be done to improve results. If you are profitable you can maintain those profits and increase them by thinking through your business for even greater success.

This isn’t the time to sit back and let it happen. Make sure that when December 31st rolls around you’ve done everything you can do to be more successful than you are today.

Remember: Now – today – is the most important business time of year in your company.

As I always say: Be in action. Make it happen.


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