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The Definition Of Being Successful In Business

Successful in BusinessHow do you define being successful in business?

What does it take to be truly successful as a CEO, president, business owner; entrepreneur or founder?

One word or phrase won’t adequately define it. But here’s a few words to definitely include when defining how to be successful in business:





Knowing your business

Having the right marketing plan at the right time

Being in a segment of the marketplace where there is critical mass

Being a great manager

Being adequately funded

Not being adequately funded but being able to work hard and on a shoestring budget



Being willing to sell your employees on the company mission and to be excellent at their work

Be willing to sell and convince the world that you’ve got what it takes

Be willing to take on difficult situations and handle them well

Understand customer service

Totally committed to being in business

Willing to work more than 40 hours per week



Leaders lead.

Failure is NOT an option.

Have an updated business plan and follow it.

Make mistakes; learn from those mistakes; never to make those mistakes again.

Always keep moving forward.


What other words or phrases would you add to this list?

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