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The Business Plan CEOs Need For MORE Success And Profit

You’ve heard this so many times, that you may not want to read past the first sentence but I suggest you do.

Have a business plan and work it.

I’m not talking about a 30 – 50 page business plan that you would write if you were looking for venture capital money or to borrow money at the bank. I’m referring to a realistic outline of what you need to do as a CEO, president or business owner for MORE success and MORE profit with your company.

CEOs, presidents and business owners get themselves in trouble in two different ways. 

The first is they don’t have a plan. 

The second is that they don’t work the plan. Instead, it just sits there in the bottom left hand drawer or lays dormant in a computer file rarely, if ever, to be referenced.


Not only do you need to work the plan but you also need to constantly update and modify the business plan if something isn’t working.  If you know where you want to go, if you know what it takes to get there and you follow the map or plan, you will arrive. You will be MORE successful and MORE profitable as a company.

But if you are floundering every single business day being wishy-washy, not knowing what to expect from your employees or yourself, the odds are you won’t reach your business goals; or even worse, have your business fail completely.

I know what it’s like out there. I talk with CEOs, presidents and business owners every day from coast-to-coast across the United States.

But if you sit down and analyze what you need to do and be very specific about who needs to do what and when, you can’t miss achieving MORE business success.

Here’s the perfect example of not following the plan:  When I was growing up, the big thing for boys to do was to put together model boats and airplanes. The more complicated the model, the models with the most parts, and the boys who could follow the directions, ended up with something they could be proud of. Maybe even hang the model airplane from the ceiling or place the model boat on a special shelf in their room. The ones who couldn’t follow the directions, ended up with a lot of spare parts and something that was hidden in the attic or basement. I bet some of those guys who followed directions still have and are proud of the models they built.

Business doesn’t just happen.

Successful CEOs, presidents and business owners see the vision, outline it, communicate it to employees and make it happen every day.


To your success!


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