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Thanksgiving: Time To Give Thanks For Being In Business

If you are a CEO, business owner or entrepreneur, take time on Thanksgiving to pause from your work and give thanks for being in business…


Thanksgiving: Take Time To Give Thanks For Being In BusinessIt’s Thanksgiving once again. In the age of being bombarded with marketing messages, it seems that holidays like Thanksgiving don’t quite have the meaning that they once did.

Thanksgiving is no longer simply about being grateful for all of our blessings. Nor is it so much about sharing the day with family and friends.

Thanksgiving is now overshadowed by Black Friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season. So much so that the retailers are jumpstarting the holiday shopping rush by opening stores on Thursday evening. Football games broadcast from houses up and down every street in America. Even restaurants and grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving for people to pick up pre-cooked meals and side dishes. Many Thanksgiving tables don’t look quite as traditional as they once did. Many people spend Thanksgiving alone with family spread all over the country now.

The holiday has changed. And business has also changed in recent years.

Over the past few years, running a business has become more challenging, faster paced and more volatile than ever.

If business has been difficult for you over the past year, look around and know that you’re still truly blessed. Business may be difficult but you’re still in business.

If it’s been the worst business times you’ve ever experienced, if the economy has brought you to your knees, if you feel you can’t go on for one more step, understand that you are still blessed. In this country no matter how far you’ve been knocked down you can still get up again, start over and become successful and prosperous.

If your business has been on a roll and finding great success this past year, know you are incredibly blessed. It’s time to thank all of the people, family-friends-employees-business associates, who helped you become successful. Remember: No matter how successful you are, you have the opportunity, in this great country, to be even more successful.

On Thanksgiving Day, pause from all that is business and stand in gratitude. For living and working in the United States. For having the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. For the freedom and the options you have.

For just a few days, let’s think about looking at the bigger picture. What’s really important in your life? There are many things to be grateful for. Family. Friends. Good health. Your talents and expertise. And many other things unique and important to you.

For just for a few days put your business worries behind you. Enjoy your time with family, friends, good food and any special holiday activities. On Monday, you can resume your normal business schedule with all the challenges that go along with it.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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