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Telephone Communication Is A Two Way Street In Your Business

If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog post, please read it first. When you read it, this blog post will make more sense.

In the previous blog post I talked mostly about how employees answer the telephone at your business and all the things may they do that put your company in a negative light. What I didn’t mention and what you need to think about is what your behavior is like when you call another business. How do you talk to the person that answers the phone? How polite and business-like are you? Even if the person answering the phone is the most annoying person you have met on this earth you still need to be professional, respectful and clear with your communication. And sometimes, even patient and understanding. Think about the words and the tone you use when recording a voice message.

When using the phone for business it is a two way street. It’s all about effective communication. It’s how they communicate with you and how you communicate with them.

Always represent yourself well. Make certain your employees are doing the same.

If you do, it’s just one more business tool to ring up profitable sales with.

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