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Take Advantage Of The Opportunities In Your Business

Business OpportunitiesThe words, “take advantage”, can have a positive or a negative connotation to many business people. You never want to adversely “take advantage” of someone. Business is about people. You’re in business to make the world a better place. To help solve problems no matter how small or how big. If an individual or a company has a perceived problem there’s a business for that. As a CEO, president or business owner it’s important to your success to “take advantage” in a positive way of business opportunities that come your way. Every day be open to how you can take advantage of the opportunities in your business.

A good example of taking advantage of opportunities is in sports. The other team sees an opportunity to score points and takes advantage of the moment. Possibly even win the game in those few seconds. Being originally from Pittsburgh, PA, and a Pittsburgh Steelers fan, the football team is famous for in the final two minutes of the game coming from behind and scoring the winning touchdown or field goal. The team has won weekly games, division titles and even Super Bowls with this strategy. I must admit those can be stressful moments for the fans as well as the team. But the Steelers are well practiced in looking for winning opportunities on the playing field.

The window of opportunity often presents itself with split second timing. Whether it’s your favorite football team or your business, you need to be both proactive and responsive to the moment.

Other examples include having success in the stock market or the real estate market. People can make a fortune if they’ve done their homework and are prepared to seize the opportunity; or they can lose everything. Opportunity includes risk.

It’s about:

  • Recognizing the appropriate opportunity.
  • Being in a position to take advantage of the opportunity when the moment arrives.


Ask yourself:

  • Has the moment arrived for my business to take advantage of opportunities that will move business forward to MORE success and MORE profit? 
  • Perhaps even to dominate the competition? 
  • Or is my business not positioned to seize moments of opportunity? 


CEOs, presidents and business owners face constant disruption and change in business today. It’s just part of operating and managing a company. Knowing how to navigate whatever comes your way.

What does this means to you and your business?


Opportunities are probably in front of you right now.  Though it always best to lead your business with caution and awareness, in business times like these bold actions are also necessary. Business success is about balancing assertive actions with conservative strategies.

  • Think clearly about any opportunity or risk taken.
  • Weigh the pros and cons.
  • Listen to what your gut tells you. Not what someone else wants you to do.
  • Sometimes what seems best isn’t; and sometimes what doesn’t seem like the best thing to do turns out to be the exact opposite.
  • Always think it through.
  • Explore unintended consequences.
  • Make a decision and move forward.

Don’t leave your business to chance and lost business opportunities.

But if you do miss an opportunity, which is sometimes inevitable in business, learn from it and make sure your company is ready when the next opportunity rolls around.

What’s your next business opportunity?  

Be in ACTION! Make it HAPPEN!

Remember: Leaders Lead.


To your success!


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