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Summer’s Over. Time To Focus On Business.

It happens every year here in the United States: The summer goes by quickly and suddenly it’s fall.  In the north, the day after Labor Day, the swimming pools close and the children head back to school.  Although business continues all summer long there are vacations, long weekends and that impossible to resist, summer laid back attitude.  Without even realizing it, the focus on business may be less than it should be for success and profit.

With the last official summer holiday behind us as, fall approaching and winter not far behind, as business people we need to realize there are only 12 weeks before Thanksgiving.  If you are in the retail business that may be good news as it’s traditionally considered the busiest time of year for most retailers.  Other businesses that have a more year round sales cycle often notice that during the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving business is often not as strong as it is during the rest of the year. But never assume any day or any season of the year is a bad day for business! Business is 24/7/365. Always keep the focus on business!

Starting today, the day after Labor Day, as a CEO, president or business owner, start to kick it up a notch, evaluate your goals and your sales plans, have meetings with your management and employees to make sure the next twelve weeks of the year are as productive as they can possibly be. Focus on business. Be determined to make the next twelve weeks exciting, productive and filled with profitable good news in your business!


To your success!


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