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Spring Cleaning For Your Business

Here’s a business tip if you are a CEO, president or business owner: In a different time with a different generation, every year when the robins flew north and the flowers peaked their heads out of the ground after a long winter, people would start to think about spring cleaning.  This was a must in every household.  It was a task that was passed down from grandmother to mother to child.  If you didn’t do spring cleaning you weren’t looked upon too favorably.  It was time to tear the house apart, clean every corner, take the drapes down and even drag the rugs outside, hang them across the clothesline and beat the dirt out of them.  As part of spring cleaning, you took your summer clothes out of storage and put your wool, winter clothes in mothballs so the moths wouldn’t eat holes in the clothes.  My how things have changed!  Now you may have a cleaning person come in to do the cleaning.  The carpets are often wall-to-wall or perhaps even no carpet at all on the floors just wood, so you don’t hang rugs over the clothesline. With modern day fabrics it’s not necessary to use mothballs.

But since it is spring and the birds are singing and the sun is shining, as a CEO, president or business owner, you may very well want to think about doing some spring cleaning in the office.  It’s time to go through the files, clean them out, organize them, get rid of papers you’ve collected or kept but are no longer necessary, even clean out your desk.  You might try moving the office furniture around to give you a fresh, new perspective.  While you’re doing spring cleaning you may look at the rest of your business and determine what’s useful, what needs to be changed and what has to go.

If you do clean your office you’ll actually feel better and have a different point-of-view about what’s happening around you.  You might even take a look at your business plan and see if it needs to be refreshed and cleaned up.

Spring is, symbolically, a rebirth of life.  It can also be a rebirth of new and exciting business thought.

To your success!


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