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Smart Business People Don’t Waste Their Ad Dollars

Here is a business success tip: When doing any advertising or marketing for your business always spend your allocated ad dollars in the smartest way to know if there is ultimately any return on investment (ROI). There is just one question to ask yourself:

  • Why am I running this ad; Why am I putting money into this marketing campaign?

As a CEO, president or business owner, further ask yourself:

  • Am spending these ad dollars for name recognition so people will remember my business or product? 
  • Am I seeking to ‘brand” my business? 
  • Am I running this ad or campaign to inspire or motivate people to use my product or service?

Everyone watches the Super Bowl each year for two (maybe three reasons):

1) the game

2) the commercials

3) the half-time show.

If the advertisers, who are paying significant ad dollars, to broadcast commercials during the Super Bowl wanted to create business from the ads, in my opinion, often don’t get the message across other than perhaps name recognition. Yes, the ads may have been entertaining, inventive or tug on your emotions.

  • But will it sell product? 
  • What image does it present of the company or product being advertised? 

Media executives may suggest sensationalism sells.

But does it really?

Sometimes you can get too creative with the end result being advertising that is so far removed from its intent that it does not achieve its objective which is to sell.  Using humor, for example, in advertising can be risky.  What’s funny to one person is not funny to another.  With advertising you must know your target market.  Otherwise, you could lose the very customer you are trying to sell to.

The purpose of advertising, or any type of marketing, is to create business.


You are in business to make a profit.

Your marketing and ad dollars must bring in profitable business to your company.

If your advertising is too creative, too humorous and people are just going to view it for the enjoyment of it but it doesn’t have a call to action to pick up the phone or to seek out the product, then you are just wasting your hard earned money.

Advertising is for:

  • Building a business.
  • Selling a product or service.
  • Getting people to want to do business with you and your company.

If the ads don’t achieve the above listed objectives then you are wasting your money.  Be careful how you spend your advertising dollars.  Spend them in the right place and you will create business.  Spend them in the wrong place and you will receive nothing in return. Except a bill from the media agency.


Advertising is about delivering a message that will result in more profitable business for your company.

Every year companies waste millions of dollars on advertising.  Don’t waste your ad dollars just to be trendy or funny. Advertise and market you business for more success and profit that can be easily measured on the monthly profit and loss statement.


To your success!


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